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Uber earnings Q3 2020

first_imgThe company reiterated guidance that Uber expects to be profitable on an EBITDA basis by the end of 2021.Uber shares had skyrocketed on Wednesday and continued climbing Thursday ahead of earnings, after the company’s proposed ballot measure, Proposition 22, won voters’ support in California elections.Prop 22 allows Uber, along with its peers and competitors Lyft, Instacart and DoorDash, to treat their drivers and couriers as independent contractors, not employees. That means Uber will avoid the costs of providing a full slate of benefits and protections for drivers, including paid sick days and other time-off, unemployment insurance and healthcare.- Advertisement – Overall, Uber lost $1.09 billion on a GAAP basis during the quarter, an improvement from a year ago when their losses amounted to $1.16 billion.Here’s how its largest business segments performed:Mobility (gross bookings): $5.91 billionDelivery (gross bookings): $8.55 billionMobility adjusted net revenue, including Uber’s core Rides business, declined 52% year-over-year to $1.37 billion for the third quarter, while Delivery adjusted net revenue, including from Uber Eats, grew 190% year-over-year to $1.14 billion. Adjusted net revenue is a non-GAAP measurement that measures revenue minus driver incentives, driver referral payments, and the cost of reimbursing drivers for Covid 19 protection equipment.- Advertisement – Instead, under Prop 22 in California, Uber will pay qualifying drivers partial benefits, like a minimum base pay that’s better than federal minimum wage, and a subsidy on drivers’ health insurance, with the subsidy amount based on how many hours they work.Besides the political fight to preserve their business model, Uber has faced pandemic-related negative impacts to its main ride hailing business through most of 2020. As a variety of health orders and border policies limited travel and commuting, however, Uber users ordered more meals for delivery via Uber Eats.With its food delivery business outpacing its core rides business in the second quarter of 2020, Uber agreed to buy out the courier service Postmates, once seen as a competitor to Uber Eats, for a deal valued around $2.65 billion in July. Earlier, it acquired Cornershop, a grocery delivery business, and started making grocery deliveries in New York City last month.Since its second-quarter report, Uber raised half a billion dollars in equity funding to fuel the growth of its logistics arm, Uber Freight. That business unit, which Uber started in 2017, has a post-money valuation of $3.3 billion, the company said in a statement. Uber Freight recorded just $290 million in gross bookings during the third quarter of 2020, a 30% increase from the same time last year.This is a developing story, please check back for updates… Uber shares dropped as much as 4% after the company reported third quarter revenue on Thursday that missed Wall Street’s expectations, including a revenue decline of 18% from last year.Here’s how the company performed versus what Wall Street analysts were expecting for the period ending September 30, 2020:Losses: 62 cents per share vs. 65 cents per share expected, according to a consensus of analysts surveyed by Refinitiv.Revenue: $3.13 billion vs. $3.20 billion expected per Refinitiv.- Advertisement – – Advertisement –last_img read more

NEWS SCAN: Avian flu, Salmonella developments, drug fails in prion trial, new vaccine plant in Mexico

first_imgMar 10, 2009Egypt reports baby girl infected with H5N1Egypt’s health ministry reported today that an 18-month-old baby girl from Menofia governorate has been hospitalized with an H5N1 infection, Xinhua, China’s state news agency, reported. She got sick on Mar 6 after contact with sick birds and was admitted to the hospital yesterday, where she is receiving oseltamivir (Tamiflu). Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed that a 2-year-old boy from Egypt’s Alexandria governorate is hospitalized in stable condition with an H5N1 avian influenza infection, making him Egypt’s 57th case-patient. The boy first got sick Mar 3. The WHO’s global H5N1 case count is now 410, 256 of them fatal.[Mar 10 Xinhua story][Mar 10 WHO statement]German duck tests positive for H5N1The European Commission today reported its first H5N1 avian influenza finding in a bird this year, a wild duck that was shot in the German state of Bavaria, according to a report today from the Associated Press (AP).[Mar 10 AP story]Salmonella case count grows to 683The number of patients sickened in the national Salmonella outbreak linked to peanut products climbed to 683 patients in 46 states, according to an update today from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The latest confirmed illness onset date was Feb 13, and the number of new cases has declined modestly since December. At least 3,235 products have been recalled in connection with the outbreak.[Mar 10 CDC update]FDA seeks tool to speed Salmonella detectionTo help its investigators identify Salmonella more quickly in foodborne outbreaks, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has asked the departments of defense, homeland security, and agriculture to help it develop a rapid test for the pathogen, the AP reported today. Current testing methods can take as long as 9 days to identify Salmonella, but David Acheson, MD, the FDA’s assistant commissioner of food safety, said he hoped that a rapid test could narrow the delay to 5 days or less.[Mar 10 AP story]Malaria drug shows no benefit for prion disease patientsThe antimalarial drug quinacrine, although it can inhibit conversion of normal prion proteins to abnormal ones in vitro, did not significantly improve survivability in patients with prion diseases, according to study that appeared today online in The Lancet Neurology. An observational study of 107 patients, 40 of whom took quinacrine, showed that though the drug was well tolerated at 300 mg per day, only 4 of the patients had transient responses on neurologic rating scales. There are no approved treatments to prevent or reverse human prion diseases such as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.[Mar 10 The Lancet Neurology study]Sanofi to build flu vaccine plant in MexicoSanofi-Aventis announced yesterday that it signed an agreement with Mexico to build a $100 million facility to manufacture influenza vaccines in Ocoyoacac, Mexico. Sanofi said it would collaborate with Bimex, a Mexican federal vaccine maker, to perform some manufacturing steps and distribute the influenza vaccines in Mexico. The facility will have the capacity to make up to 25 million seasonal flu vaccine doses and will be able to switch to pandemic vaccine manufacturing once the WHO declares an influenza pandemic.last_img read more

Cote d’Ivoire 2-0 Nigeria (3-4)

first_imgNigeria almost surrendered a domineering first-leg lead but eventually held on to see off Cote d’Ivoire 4-3 on aggregate to qualify for the African Nations Championships.The Super Eagles headed into Saturday’s tie with a comfortable 4-1 lead from the first-leg at the beginning of June, but were almost forced into extra-time after two first-half goals from the Elephants ensured a tense encounter.However, Stephen Keshi’s side were able to hold out for the win to secure their first ever participation at the African event.It took Ivory Coast just four minutes to open the scoring as Kevin Koelly pounced on Azubuike Egwuekwe’s woeful attempted header back to his goalkeeper before slotting into the back of the net.Midway through the first-half the Elephants grabbed their second, with Koelly completing his brace from the penalty spot after Rabio Ali had been blown up in the area.However, Sabri Lamouchi’s men were unable to find a vital third goal as the Nigerians held out for the win.last_img read more

VanMar Constructors chosen as preferred proponent Community Health Centre in Fort Nelson

first_imgThe Northern Rockies Regional Municipality will enter into a 25 year capital lease with VanMar Constructors. After that time the building will return to being property of the NRRM. Lease costs are being tabbed at  $475,000-$550,000 but that will be covered through a sub lease with Northern Health and rent paid by physicians practicing at the health centre.In the coming weeks information sessions will be held on the Northern Rockies Community Health Centre. Further details on the information sessions will be presented on the Northern Rockies website which can be found by clicking here.- Advertisement –last_img

Follow the Leader: Plants and Animals

first_imgNeed solutions to engineering problems?  Look no further than the plants and animals around you.  That’s what more and more scientists are doing.How dry I am:  Lotus leaves and gecko toes stay clean and dry because they repel water very effectively.  They do this with structures that are billionths of a meter in size.  The BBC News reported how an Australian team of chemists has created a super-hydrophobic surface that is “impossible to wet” by imitating the properties of the lotus leaf and gecko foot.  A short video clip shows how water just beads off the surface.  This technology could lead to better raincoats and self-cleaning fabrics.Got those butterfly blues:  Nature News reported that a Korean team has successfully imitated the microstructure of a Morpho butterfly wing to create the same shimmering blue color that can be seen from many angles when the insect flies.  The butterfly uses a combination of regularly-spaced ridges and randomness: “The tight, semi-random packing of the ridges makes the wings appear bright across a wide range of viewing angles.”  The Korean team “deposited silica microspheres onto a surface and then sprayed layers of titanium dioxide and silicon dioxide over them, Nature said. “The resulting film… had just the right mix of regularity and disorder to create the even blue colouring.”The nose knows:  An electronic nose is closer to reality, thanks to work by a team from the American Institute of Physics.  They placed DNA molecules specially designed to react to certain chemicals on carbon nanotubes that conduct electricity.  PhysOrg said, “The researchers are next interested in creating something akin to an actual electronic nose consisting of many individual DNA-based sensors performing the same role as an olfactory receptor.”  In biological noses, though, a huge variety of chemicals can be differentiated by a signal chain that expands and compresses the input signals through codes.  It appears the electronic version uses a one-to-one type of signalling.Spider men:  The dragline silk of garden spiders continues to baffle materials scientists who would really like to imitate it.  Part of the problem is that about 10% of the spider’s silk is ordered, and 90% is disordered.  Researchers from Argonne National Lab looked at the disordered portion for clues, PhysOrg reported, “untangling the mysteries of spider silk.”  The “amorphous regions are made up of all these proteins that are incredibly complicated,” one researcher said.  Another remarked, “When it comes to silks, humans are just so far behind nature in terms of the quality of the materials that we can produce.”  Solving the mysteries of spider silk may bring wonderful new products possessing flexibility and strength to the marketplace.  Other teams are looking at silkworms for additional “ideal” materials, reported PhysOrg.  Think of the advantages: “As produced by spiders and insects, natural silks are made under benign conditions— ambient temperature, low pressure, and with water as solvent.”  It’s a cinch that “this is something we should aim to copy when designing and making fibers for the future.”Make like a squid:  Wouldn’t it be cool to have clothes that could flicker with color rapidly?  Squid, octopi and cuttlefish make this trick look easy.  Engineers at the University of Bristol are making it happen, reported Science Daily; they have “created artificial muscles that can be transformed at the flick of a switch to mimic the remarkable camouflaging abilities of organisms such as squid and zebrafish.”  Imitating the chromatophores in squid and zebrafish, the team developed artificial versions made of polymers connected to electrical circuits.  This might lead to “smart clothing” that can imitate nature’s camouflage – something that might help a soldier vanish into a changing environment some day.  Lead author Jonathan Rossiter said, “We have taken inspiration from nature’s designs and exploited the same methods to turn our artificial muscles into striking visual effects.”Workin’ on the railroad:  Inspired by the molecular machines in the cell that move cargo along microtubules, British researchers have created a molecular track and a two-legged “walker” molecule that can move along it.  It’s as clumsy as a stick figure compared to a real machine, PhysOrg noted, but it’s a start.If scientists use intelligent design to create materials and machines that imitate biological counterparts, how can anyone think that the biological ones, that are almost always superior to the artificial ones, are products of unguided processes?  The inference to intelligent design is clear.There was no mention of evolution in any of these articles, once again, showing that Darwinism is useless in the rapidly-expanding field of biomimetics.  Speaking of which, can anybody think of anything useful Darwin’s Stuff Happens Law has done for mankind? (Visited 67 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

X-Blades Sniper Sonic Promotion

first_imgTouch Football Australia’s official footwear sponsor, X-Blades, has another great deal for members through the TFA website and newsletter. When you purchase the new X-Blades Sniper Sonic boots, you will receive free shipping. To take advantage of their great deal, please visit the X-Blades website:www.bladesfootball.com.au/shopStay tuned to the TFA website for more great promotions from X-Blades. Related LinksX-Blades Promotionlast_img

a month agoHoeness takes new swipe at Barcelona goalkeeper Ter Stegen

first_imgAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your say Hoeness takes new swipe at Barcelona goalkeeper Ter Stegenby Carlos Volcanoa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveFormer Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness has taken a new swipe at Barcelona goalkeeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen.Hoeness has been angered by Ter Stegen’s claims that he deserves Germany selection ahead of Bayern’s Manuel Neuer.He snapped: “I would have expected him to be cornered and say things are not going that way. It has damaged the reputation of an impeccable athlete like Manuel.”Hoeness claims Ter Stegen has made Neuer sound like “old scrap that should be removed after the Euros”.He also slammed the German Federation for not taking action against Ter Stegen.”I do not expect any reaction from you,” he explained and added: “Their only virtue is to go for a walk in the forest and whistle.” last_img read more

a month agoInter Milan coach Conte disappointed with Italian fans

first_imgInter Milan coach Conte disappointed with Italian fansby Carlos Volcanoa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveInter Milan coach Antonio Conte has taken a swipe at Italian fans.Conte returned to Serie A this season and was struck by the difference in attitude.“Racism is a problem in Italy, but so is any kind of insult, and after three years away, I find Italy has regressed,” said Conte in a Press conference ahead of tonight’s Milan Derby.“People write exclusively to foment hatred. Italy has become far worse lately and we are all to blame. We’re talking about something that educates the next generation to hate and engage in violence.”He added: “It would be wonderful to see fans attend games just to cheer on their own team. Children ought to hear that instead of observing these hostile atmospheres that are right on the borderline.” About the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Kinder Morgan CEO appreciates feds offer to backstop higher pipeline cost

first_imgLast month, the company said it would stop all non-essential spending on the expansion project to triple the amount of oil flowing from Alberta to the West Coast, which Alberta says is critical to reducing discounts on its product due mainly to pipeline bottlenecks.Kean reiterated that construction won’t be restarted unless there are sufficient assurances by the end of this month that it can proceed.Outside the meeting in downtown Calgary, about 50 vocal pipeline supporters armed with signs and slogans assembled on the sidewalk, chanting as passing cars honked their horns.Picketers Mike Owens and Derek B. Cooper say they were unimpressed with Morneau’s announcement, adding it offers further proof that the Liberal government has done too little to make sure the pipeline wins approval.Picket organizer James Robson of the Canada Action Coalition says the government shouldn’t have to offer money to make sure an approved pipeline will be built.(THE CANADIAN PRESS) CALGARY, A.B. –  The CEO of Kinder Morgan Canada Ltd. says he “appreciates” an announcement by Finance Minister Bill Morneau that the government will compensate investors in the proposed Trans Mountain pipeline expansion if “unnecessary delays” cause costs to rise.Morneau says the government is willing to “provide indemnity” to any investors, be they the project’s original architects or otherwise, to ensure the controversial Alberta-B.C. project is able to proceed.Kinder Morgan chief executive Steven Kean offered no further comment during his remarks and declined to talk to reporters after his company’s first annual general meeting since being spun off by U.S.-based Kinder Morgan Inc. to hold most of its Canadian assets a year ago.last_img read more

City aim to fight off fatigue as title race heats up

first_imgManchester (United Kingdom): Manchester City hope Saturday’s meeting with Watford can offer them the same sort of impetus their opponents provided for Premier League title rivals Liverpool. City manager Pep Guardiola has seen his side hit a downturn in their attacking form in recent weeks despite overtaking Liverpool and returning to the top of the table. The last three City games have seen them score just two goals, including a goalless League Cup final appearance against a Chelsea team they had defeated 6-0 just two weeks prior. Also Read – Dhoni, Paes spotted playing football together The run hardly represents a major concern, with City having won the cup final on penalties and their next two league games by 1-0 scorelines. But as a general indicator of form, City’s previously prolific goalscoring feats – which had produced 50 goals in the opening 13 games of 2019 – have dried up alarmingly. Watford, who were beaten 5-0 by a Liverpool team that had gone through a similarly barren spell immediately prior to their meeting, might be just the right opponents for City this weekend as they aim to maintain their one-point lead over Liverpool. Also Read – Andy Murray to make Grand Slam return at Australian Open Yet Guardiola must also have been alarmed by a growing injury list which includes Kevin De Bruyne after last weekend’s victory at Bournemouth. The Belgian midfielder suffered a hamstring injury early in the second half and City were economical with the facts surrounding the problem immediately after the game, other than Guardiola confirming he will be sidelined for a period of time. De Bruyne’s absence will add to the mounting frustrations for the 27-year-old, who started 36 of City’s 38 league games last season. De Bruyne will have played in just seven of City’s 30 league games this term if, as expected, he misses out against Watford. Two knee injuries have taken their toll on De Bruyne this season although, even when he has enjoyed extended periods in the first team, he has appeared short of the form that made him one of the league’s most effective players last season. De Bruyne’s lack of cutting edge was hardly a problem for City over the opening weeks of the new year, but his side have found it more difficult to wear teams down in recent games. The fact the Belgian played so much over the summer, with his team reaching the latter stages of the World Cup, has been cited by both player and manager as a reason for his lack of fitness and form. And City’s gruelling schedule, as they continue to compete for four trophies, has clearly impacted upon, not only De Bruyne but a number of other players, with Fernandinho and Aymeric Laporte also suffering recent injuries. Speaking earlier this month, before his latest setback, De Bruyne conceded that those absences have affected him. “Sometimes I feel good, sometimes I feel a little bit worse or I need a day more to recover,” he said. “But I try every day to be at the best level I can be, and sometimes people have to give me a little bit of slack after the amount of time I’ve been away. “I always want to be better. But sometimes my body just says ‘no’ and I have to take that in my stride.”last_img read more