first_imgMagnificent! Great singing and dancing from a precisely choreographed cast who nailed every step!  It was simply outstanding. From beginning to end, the performance was hypnotic.The set is beautifully constructed, yet simple and transitioned seamlessly. However, don’t be fooled it is well-engineered and timed.  How did Mary Poppins pull a coat rack and large plant from her bag? How did she magically take flight along with kites?This version of “Mary Poppins” is based on the stories of P.L.Travers and The Walt Disney film.The story of the “crafty” nanny hired by a wealthy British family to control their apparently wild children. The uptight Banks family feared the loss of yet another nanny, but Poppins had more than a few tricks up her sleeve.Director Dann Dunn took this classic and brought it to life.  The casting was spot on.As Mary Poppins, Carin Lagerberg played the world’s most famous nanny with confidence, sassiness, and grace.   Her natural beauty, accent, and singing performance were exceptional.  She was clearly comfortable in the role that she had previously played last year for the Charleston Stage Company.From the moment Jeremiah Light hit the stage as Bert, the audience was in love.  He was a cheeky character that was perfect for the role.  Trying to live up to the performance of Dick Van Dyke in the famous original Walt Disney version, had to be intimidating.  In this performance, he lived up to the challenge.Michael Enright played George Banks and embodied the stress of the character in his performance.  Anyone who has been the primary bread winner in a household could feel his pain and frustration when his career and livelihood were put in harm’s way.Mrs. Banks was played by Elizabeth Toal.  Her character was forced to deal with marital, social, and economic challenges simultaneously. She fit the role like a glove. Her climax as a protective wife and then shrewd negotiator was memorable.Amanda Rose Kipila played Jane Banks.  She is a triple threat.  Her acting, dancing, and singing where impressive, to say the least.  This 11-year-old from Manahawkin is already a seasoned veteran.  Clearly this young actress has what it takes to be very successful.Nate Ginet is the 7th Grader from Upper Township Middle School who played Michael Banks.  He shined in this adventurous and sometimes naughty role.  He made everyone feel like a child again as he dramatized the emotions of a young man in challenging times.The Ocean City Pops was quite frankly supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Music Director / Conductor Jonathan Kreamer did an exceptional job bringing the music to life with such passionate emotion.  The combination of the theatrical performance and the live orchestra electrified the Hughes Performing Arts Center.This is a must see show while tickets last.   There are three additional performance left:  8/9 & 8/11 at 7:30pm;  and 8/10 at 2pm.Call: 609-399-6111 or visit