first_imgThe Internet: Loved seeing you at High Sierra this year! Did you & Trey decide to not be a “guest” during each others’ sets on purpose??? Also, do you prefer indoor venues or festivals??Mike Gordon: Trey and I were there on different days, and giving each space, but we did talk, and this weekend we’ll both be in the same town, so you never know!The Internet: What does OGOGO stand for?Mike Gordon: Only good ostriches get Ovaltine.The Internet: Aside from OGOGO, what is your favorite palindrome?Mike Gordon: Amy must I jujitsu my ma?The Internet: When working on a record do you enter the studio with Pre written material or do you hit record and see what happens and let things develop and build the song that way?Mike Gordon:  I have done the latter but it’s much more about the former: when we got in the room with Shawn, we had already done a lot of experimenting on tour, at Signal Kitchen, at my home studio and sessions with scott where we pushed and pulled at various ideas and so really there was a lot of prep. We came in with 34 songs, chose 13 for the record and worked with those (Phish chose one of the 34 – “Waking Up Dead”).The Internet: Is it pronouced O-G-O-G-O, Oh-go-go, ahgogo, og-ogo?Mike Gordon: UH GO GOThe Internet: Who would be your dream musician to guest with you or vice versa?Mike Gordon: Buddy Rich, Etta James, Jerry Garcia, Steve Gadd, Trilok Gurtu, Johnny M Kimock, Emily Elbert, Allen Toussaint, Aaron Neville, Natalie Prass, Lowell George, Inara George, Forest George, Curious GeorgeThe Internet: No question, just thanks for everything!Mike Gordon: You’re welcome, but also thank YOU, and thanks to all of the online community who jumped on here tonight to get involved with this chit chat. Only two hours and change until OGOGO is released, and I’m so giddy with excitement that y’all will be able to hear what we had so much fun making. Friday will be a celebration for me. I raise my glass to everyone. Thanks so much Cheers!!!!!!!OGOGO is available today wherever records are sold or streamed. On September 22nd, Mike Gordon and his solo band will begin their tour in support of the new release at The Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA. For a full list of upcoming dates, head to Mike’s website.[Cover photo via Chad Anderson] The Internet: What is your favorite bass to use, and what bass did you use for this new album?Mike Gordon: I used the Moire 2 bass on every song except Steps, for which I used the studio’s own vintage Precision…fEnder prEcision!The Internet: Did you try all 13 donuts during the Baker’s Dozen? They looked fabulous.Mike Gordon: I did and my fav was strawberry.The Internet: When you are, say, minutes 15+ into a jam, what’s going through your mind?Mike Gordon: Could be different things, but ideally the mind has shut off and is floating in the mush of notes and patterns everyone has clumped in together…Or – “hey, i wonder if those edamame dumplings are still in the band room” — just kidding. That’s not ideal.The Internet: What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not on tour?Mike Gordon: Coffee shops with my laptop, waverunner with Tessa, crema with Julia, songwriting with skawt [as in Scott Murawski]…and date night with Sue.The Internet: Where did you film the video for “Yarmouth Road?”Mike Gordon:  In LA, near parts of LA, with an LA film crew, under the guidance of Phillip Andelman.The Internet: Who are your biggest bass influences?Mike Gordon: Entwistle, Bootsy, Phil, Jaco, Stanley, Paul Jones, ahm, Oteil…The Internet: Tell us about the lipstick during Baker’s Dozen and the inspiration…Mike Gordon: The inspiration is 100% Simon Lott, Robert Walter‘s drummer, and a great New Orleans musician. He’s got the vibes and the sticks.[Photo via Andrew Blackstein]The Internet:  What are your feelings on being the “weird” one? Do you like it? Hate it? Is it really Jon Fishman? (Also, do you ever feel guilty when you kill a mosquito? It’s like, “you were going to make me itch for a little bit and that meant the instant I saw you my entire existence was focused on killing you,” but then again, I don’t itch right now). Your thoughts on any of that?Mike Gordon: I like being the weird one. Normal is overrated. Though I have streaks of normal in me. Recently I killed a mosquito and felt a twinge of “hey, what is that bug thinking, while heading toward the reincarnation – into walrus”The Internet: Do you see yourself having any more collaborations with Leo Kottke?Mike Gordon: That particular dude was here in this room for a few days, so I wouldn’t be shockedThe Internet: If i only have a bass amp, no pedals, and want to get similar tone as yours…Mike Gordon: Crank up around 600hz – a lower midrange, my friend. Turn down 4k. Use a pick. Mute with your palm. Find your Voice.The Internet: Has there ever been an occasion where Mike said “yes?”Mike Gordon: No.The Internet: Will “The Reel” be touring with you again?Mike Gordon: You bet your **$&$&# it will – The Reel – that is the thing that allows all y’all to play along with the band, sometimes even to “play the band.”The Internet: If I touched the reel during your last tour, does that count as jamming with you?Mike Gordon: Yes it certainly does – we are jam mates, my friend. Seriously.The Internet: I’d like to know the similarities and differences between recording an album with your band, and with Phish… and if you personally get more fulfillment out of one or the other…Mike Gordon: Honestly I get a lot of fullfilment out of both. With my situation i have to be planning a million little details, and then turn off that part of the brain to lose myself in it. I love getting to do both of those things back and forth. I like getting to write all the songs with Scott and then be the same two people, with our bandmates and producer, in the studio seeing it to fruition, and then on stage. A lot of full circle cycling… Today, Mike Gordon officially released OGOGO, the Phish bassist’s 5th solo studio album. Ahead of the album’s release, Gordon took to social media to answer fans questions about everything from the pop influences on OGOGO, to the Baker’s Dozen, to the future of both Phish and Mike Gordon Band. Below, you can read some of the best and most interesting things we learned from Mike Gordon’s pre-OGOGO Facebook Q&A:While you read, you can stream Mike Gordon’s new album in full below via Spotify:last_img