first_imgIt is a two-day professional training led by chef David Skoka for a new generation of professionals in tourism.During a two-day professional training at the Aminess Maestral Hotel in Novigrad, famous chef David Skoko revealed secrets to students of the Opatija Faculty of Management in Tourism and Hospitality and members of the Aminess gourmet team and shared useful tips for preparing top specialties. Chef Skoke’s visit is part of the lifelong learning program for specialists food and beverage department under the guidance of Slobodan Ivanović from the Opatija Faculty of Management in Tourism and Hospitality “Tastes are part of the experience that each guest will take with them as a souvenir, so it is important that the preparation and presentation of food be at an enviable level. The primary goal of these lectures and practical advice is just that – to bring future F&B experts closer to what it really means to cook, present food, but also the importance of using food from local producers to make the offer even more special. The perfect specialty will always be the best ambassador of quality work of all food and beverage departments “, said David Skoko.This is a great example of cooperation between the famous and top chef Davide Skoke, an educational institution and the private sector. In addition to further educating its employees, Aminess also has an insight into future quality staff through cooperation with the educational institution.Also this is a real example of how the education system should be, precisely with a focus on school curricula that attach great importance to practical teaching, all for the purpose of better preparing the leading staff for the business challenges that follow.  “Such collaborations at Aminess are always well received, because the topic of education and practical work has been successfully nurtured for many years through an elaborate plan of professional education for skills development, workshops and cooperation with renowned chefs from various F&B areas. ” stand out from Aminess.There is only one key to success, and that is investing in quality education – Slobodan Ivanovic”I am glad that for the second year we are continuing our cooperation with David Skok and Aminess on the education of the now eighth generation of food and beverage specialists. Such education nurtures the culture and presentation of gourmet products in the best way, as well as the business of each individual facility, which in its own way represents a destination. From F&B managers, waiters, bartenders to chefs, everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the success of the presentation of the destination through a quality presentation of eno-gastronomic product. There is only one key to success, and that is investing in quality education”, said Professor Slobodan Ivanovic.The entire professional training lasts one academic year, and is conducted through two modules – a module of gastronomy and a module dedicated to restaurant business. Upon completion of the program, participants acquire the necessary knowledge that can be applied in a wide range of jobs in tourism and hospitality. Aminess Wine & Gourmet Nights.Aminess is also collaborating with David Skok through an excellent project Aminess Wine & Gourmet Nights, where every last Friday of the month they organize special gourmet evenings in the sign of creative specialties, top wines and desserts.These are dinners that he has been organizing for the second year in a row Aminess to his two restaurants, and their goal is to promote Istrian gastronomy in the area of ​​Novigrad. This year, eight dinners were held, which were enjoyed by almost 600 visitors from all over the region.”It is a great pleasure for me to have the opportunity to present all the charms of Istrian cuisine to many guests and tourists through this project. Each dinner was special so I’m looking forward to the next edition. I will continue to use this unique opportunity to promote local foods and fish that we will continue to combine with top wines from Croatia”, said David Skoko.The next Aminess Wine & Gourmet Nights dinners are scheduled from March to October 2019 when guests will once again, every last Friday of the month, experience the best of the regional gourmet experience at Oliveto and Half 8 restaurants.Those who want development and who are proactive grow and develop. And such cooperation and investment in quality and quality tourist facilities are the only right direction for the development of our tourism. So simple, natural and logical. If the whole system had functioned like this 10 or more years ago, today we would not have a problem with a short tourist season, lack of staff and quality in all segments. A great and beautiful example of how things have to work out in our tourism.last_img