first_imgLocalNews Emulate my career, acting police chief urges by: – July 12, 2012 Share Share Sharing is caring! Acting Police Chief, Daniel Carbon.Acting police chief, Daniel Carbon, has admonished his staff to emulate his career, which he explained has been marked by discipline, humility, a passion for upholding the law, respect for citizens and a great sense of focus.Carbon was appointed to that position on July 7th, 2012 as former police chief, Cyril Carette’s pre-retirement leave took effect on July 6th, 2012.In an interview with Dominica Vibes News, the acting police chief said if his colleagues give 110% to their duty, they will be as successful as he is.“My own career development, that in itself, should be able to tell my fellow officers that if you remain focused, you keep your wits about you, you do the work as you have to do it, you stay humble and disciplined in what you do, respect the citizens of this country; my fellow officers must understand that they are not bigger than the organization, there will always be a police force, and they have to give 110 percent to the cause of policing, they will successful”.He said further; “My career and example should be a motivating factor and they must try their best at all times to emulate it”. While he noted that all police officers cannot perform on the same level, nor can they all receive promotions as they would like, they must remain committed to the job.“Everything cannot happen at once for everybody and I understand well that everybody cannot perform at the same level, but police officers must be conscientious of the work that they do”.Carbon has also advised police officers to abstain from abusing the power and authority which comes with the job.“You have to be passionate about policing; you cannot want to do policing and at the same time have reservations about it. It’s a really demanding job, and it is a job that places a lot of power and authority in your hands. You must respect that; respect the power and authority that the police job puts in your hands. Do not abuse it, do it, and you must do the police job objectively, fairly, and an underlying factor is to be fair to the citizens of this country”.He also highlighted the important role which the police service plays in ensuring a peaceful society as well as police officers role in making this possible.“The police force is a powerful institution of the state, and the very livelihood of the state and that of society, largely depends on the police. We are here to uphold law and order, and we cannot allow not upholding law and order to cause the people of society to lose faith and confidence in us”.According to him, all reports made to the police should be investigated thoroughly with a view to bringing offenders to justice.However, this should be done with fairness, in keeping with their oath.“We have a responsibility to investigate and control criminal activity, manage it properly. We must be fair; we have to use all the resources available to us to ensure that the country is safe and peaceful. We are guided by our oath, very much so, we avoid taking sides and investigating some and not investigating others, that is not what the oath says; we must do our work, serve the citizens of this country”.He is hopeful that under his leadership police officers will make a greater effort to maintain the principles of a good society.“We do not ask people to commit crimes, we do not send people to commit crimes, crime itself can destroy society. It undermines the very fabric of our society and for us to uphold and maintain the principles of a good society; we have to investigate everything that comes across us criminally”.Dominica Vibes Newscenter_img 34 Views   5 comments Tweet Sharelast_img