first_imgThe student ticket market in Madison can be a hard one to navigate, especially if you’re looking at buying or selling ticket for a current game.There is a new app called GameSide Tickets, which is available to both Android and iPhone users, which allows for students to buy and exchange tickets all in one place. The app helps buyers and sellers communicate with each other in one simple place.The Badger Herald got the chance to talk to app developer Fouad Khairallah about what it was that inspired him to create an app like GameSide. Khairallah revealed that the idea came to him while he was in college, and he was unable to buy season tickets himself.“The idea was born when I was a college student,” said Khairallah, “and I didn’t have the chance to purchase student tickets one year. I still wanted to attend the games so I tried using social media and asking anyone I could in hopes of buying student tickets. I felt that there could be an easier and more organized way to get in touch with sellers and that is where the development of GameSide Tickets started.”GameSide Tickets is specially designed with schools like Wisconsin in mind, where the ticket exchange market is not only a very demanding market, but it also a quickly changing market.Before GameSide tickets, students were mitigated to simply asking friends and looking at the Student Section Facebook group to try and find tickets for the game that they were looking at attending. Not only does Facebook not allow you to see tickets that are currently for sale, it also doesn’t allow for ticket sellers to keep things up-to-date as quickly as they could on this app.The other nice thing about this app is it offers students a safer option than using Facebook to communicate with people. When you sign up with GameSide tickets, you don’t run the risk of giving someone your personal Facebook profile information.The app also allows for communication between users to happen all in one place, allowing for easier transactions to happen amongst people. The app sorts games by opponent, so there is no shuffling through posts to try and find the right game.There is also a little bit of a fun feature to this app, which allows for transactions to become a little bit like a game. According to Khairallah, sellers are given a “Deal or No Deal” style button to use when accepting or declining offers.“Sellers are given a “Deal or No Deal” button when communicating with buyers,” said Khairallah.” Buyers are notified of the seller’s choice when a button is pressed. Buyers and sellers can then meet on their own terms if a deal is made.”This app provides many benefits for students, but one of the most beneficial is the sheer organization that comes from using this app. Gone are the days where you spend so much of your time searching through posts and friend’s contacts just to simply find a ticket.“The students of Madison love their Wisconsin Badgers,” said Kairallah, “and GameSide Tickets provides them an outlet to experience more college games to cheer them on. The app is entirely free to use and it helps connect students with one another in a community environment.”“It also reduces the total amount of time spent waiting to hear back from individuals who are buying or selling tickets with the messaging feature that is built into the app. That’s more time that the students can spend on their many other important tasks throughout the day.”Students can download the free app from either iTunes or the Android Marketplace right now.last_img