first_img (EA Sports) To be fair, the game is still a little ways off from its full release on Aug. 2.Maybe developers can offer a few tweaks to make Wilson look more like himself in the coming months. Also, EA Sports has released a few other player teasers who actually resemble their real-life counterparts. Xbox on Monday released a fun teaser via Twitter for “Madden NFL 20” — one that quickly turned into a roasting session.The teaser included Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, but the likeness it used for it doesn’t look like him. Seriously, take a look for yourself. It’s about to get dangerous in #Madden20! Show no mercy on the field with Russell Wilson’s new Blitz Radar X-Factor ability.Pre-order now:— Xbox (@Xbox) June 17, 2019MORE: The inside story of Greg Jennings breaking his leg in ‘Madden’ YouTube videoFirst of all, the facial features look nothing like him (as others pointed out, it looks more like 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo). Also, what exactly is going on with his mangled arm and fist? I get that hands are a low priority in Madden as they’re often covered by gloves and don’t need stellar animation, but then, like, don’t feature the hands on the graphic if that’s the case.Madden has made great strides in animation in recent years, but this is not what people expect from the video— Jonah Roberts (@JonahRoberts16) June 17, 2019When did they go back to ps2 graphics— The Nostalgic Gamer (@NostalgicOne86) June 17, 2019Man, EA sure doesn’t even try anymore…is that some CPU generated player trying to cosplay as Russell Wilson? It doesn’t even look like him!! Please, tell us again how EA having exclusive rights to the NFL has made football games better? Best NFL game is still ESPN NFL2K5.— Rommel (@RommelHotS) June 17, 2019Other than the number, that looks nothing like Russel Wilson.— Richie Slack (@Richie_Slack) June 17, 2019EA Sports has a version of Wilson on its website without the helmet, and he does look a little better there, but the facial features still look a little off and his hands still look like they’re racked with arthritis. (EA Sports)