first_imgDear Editor,Ms. Gertrude Stein’s poem, Sacred Emily, published in 1922, captured an important thought as follows, “A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose”, which clearly outlines what is happening politically under President David Granger.Every act the PNC leadership takes exposes that leadership as nothing else but a cabal of convenience. And let us, in the interest of definition, outline who makes up this Granger cabal. They number less than 25 persons in the leadership of the PNC, and comprise of close friends and family members of the Granger family. The PNC rank and file members have no say in what is happening today, so we must not chastise them; they are suffering as much as the non-PNC supporters.This group that dominates the Granger cabal are the intellectual authors behind the misconception that their “daddies” left them a transport on political power. Being mainly descendants of the League of Coloured People (LCP), these people operate like if they are the new “Massa”; and, like the LCP and the teachings from their colonial “Massa”, use ethnic mobilization to prop up their political operations. But the historical facts clearly reveal that this is nothing but a manufactured position invented by the “REAL MASSA” in the 1960s, whose primary game plan was to divide the working class and rule the former colonies from a distance.The facts will reveal that political independence was earned, but economic dependence was preserved, because this small group, with their anti-working class actions, loyally delivered the assets of the people at pennies on the pound to the multi-nationals. Isn’t that what we are observing today under Mr. Granger on this oil contract?So once the bidding of the international economic hitmen are met, the devouring of the AFC and now the deflowering of the WPA will not even be noticed come 2020. As the General Secretary of the PNC, Ms. Amna Ally, said: this is a “little thing”.This act against Dr. David Hinds was planned from the day he wrote his very first critical column way back in 2015. This is how Mr. Granger rolls: slowly, but patiently, like a well-camouflaged political python. When the time was right, the strike was decisive and swift. This was also how Hitler moved in the 1930s: total loyalty was demanded at all times.Now is the time for the swift political clean-up, and that is why Ms. Ally can confidently say “…if that (the WPA leaving the coalition) is so, what else can you do…” The line in the sand has been drawn on the WPA; tek’ it or leave it buster, we on top now.So do not worry about Mr. Tacuma Ogunseye bubbling his gum. Two shakes up from Ms. Ally and he shall put his tail between his legs and run for the hills. The hypocrisy in the WPA and the AFC today is there for all to see. They pretend not to know that an elite inner core dominates this Granger cabal. This Granger cabal believes it has titled rights to not consult with the people, but, at the same time, make decisions for self-enrichment, even if it means indebting the masses without their permission. That is why they can make financially reckless decisions to deplete the gold reserves by 85% in less than 20 months.This same inner Granger clique has depleted the stock of cash in the public corporation by some G$20 billion in less than 2 years, and continues to spend over a billion per year on international travels for themselves, friends and family. These are not accidental acts!This Granger cabal is no different from the Burnham cabal that ejected all the paying passengers and commandeered the Guyana Airways as he saw fit then. The contradictions of the cruelty in those days was so much that Mr. Burnham demanded the stocking of his flights with the most expensive whiskeys and caviars for himself and his political bootlickers when, as the Head of State, he provided little money for the children of Guyana who were suffering from “beriberi” and white mouth. This is the nature of the Granger cabal, same stripes as the Burnham dictatorship.Although Dr. Hinds would have made a better Minister of Education than anyone sitting in the Granger cabinet, he shall never be called to serve. Why? In the eyes of the aloft and elitist Mr. Granger, he is nothing but a dark-skinned country boy from Buxton that does not fit in with the group that is running Guyana today, which is made up of mainly urban mulatto descendants from the League of Coloured People.On Dr. Cheddi Jagan’s 100th birth anniversary, we must all recommit to this struggle against social injustice and economic upliftment in the interest of the working class. With an agent of the “Massa” like Mr. Granger in office, the ALUTA Continua!Sasenarine Singhlast_img