first_imgFriends of George S. Samah at work on Chicken Soup Factory project funded by aspirant Dr. SamahSince deeds are among the yardsticks to determine who is elected to the House of Representatives in the October 10 elections, residents of Montserrado County District #12, say Dr. George B. Samah is their man for the job.Residents say the incumbent, Rep. Prof. Richmond S. Anderson, will have difficulty maintaining his grip because “Dr. Samah has proven that he is talk and do.”Dr. Samah is referred to as ‘Talk and Do’ because residents say he fulfills his promises. “Take for example the current project we are working on which is the road towards Chicken Soup Factory. A culvert on the road broke and vehicles were unable to go into the community,” said Derrick Buway, a longtime resident.“Our road was impassable and therefore we set up a committee to get aspirants to help us get the broken culvert back in place so that cars can travel to our community.“We got to Dr. Samah who accepted our invitation and through the Friends of Dr. Samah for District 12, he came along to see the broken culvert and decided to fix it. That is why we are working on the project today,” Buway said.Excited workers at the project last SaturdayFriends of Dr. Samah for District #12 chairman D. Findesco Lama told the Daily Observer last Saturday that he had about 60 volunteers, both men and women. along with an engineer who are working to restore the broken culvert.Lama said the Chicken Soup Factory project is among several that Dr. Samah has decided to fund to ease the suffering of Liberians.“Dr. Samah also funded a broken bridge on Victory Island in District #2 in JJY,” Lama noted. As the young men and women worked together, digging out sand and making clearings to remove debris in the broken culvert, others chanted Dr. Samah’s praises. Dr. Samah with a large body of supporters had earlier arrived on the scene to inspect the project.Meanwhile, across from the work area were posters of several aspiring candidates of the district. They included those of Prof. Paye S. Gbelayan of People’s Unification Party (PUP) and Madam Baindu C. N. Taylor, whose vision includes education, health care, sanitation, gender empowerment and total development.Madam Taylor’s posters proclaim her motto: ‘A change has come.’The others are Rev. Mother Tenial Watta Duo, whose motto declares: ‘Together change is possible,’ and Prof. Richmond S. Anderson, whose motto refers to him as: ‘The developmental man: together we can do better.”Among a large number of aspirants, many who gathered for the reconstruction of the culvert place Dr. Samah ahead of Duo and Anderson because they say “He can fulfill what he promises to do.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img