first_imgBy Rev Gideon CecilA great soul was born on Guyana’s soil,From parents who lived in poverty tears and toil.His path was rough from his birth to his death,Where he lived and died for his nation in no regret. He struggled for all Guyanese to be free,In sweat and tears he fought for our liberty.For us to always remember the Father of our Nation,He fought for one and all without discrimination.  If we will understand our hero Cheddi Jagan,And give each other love and a helping hand.We will live as one people and one nation,With the same destiny for our souls to be free.Let’s remember our liberator and mourn together this day, And join our hearts together to sing and pray.For us to remember he was a man of patience,He ruled our nation with a clear conscience.If we will comprehend this great son of our soil,And emulate his vision to walk an extra mile.We will build a bridge over hate, greed, and war,And live in love to reach heaven’s twinkle stars. O great soul of my country; you came and went away!For this nation to think of your great name and pray.In the ages to come your words shall be our song,For us to remember you for our souls to be strong.You left this nation to mourn and weep for you,And my soul to think of you in everything I do.O what manner of faith you possessed for 28 years!When you struggled for my nation in blood and tears.Your name will be a light in every Guyanese heart,And your words of wisdom shall never depart.Your face we will remember as a smiling rose, And your immortal words even though your eyesare closed.May you be like a Lincoln, Gandhi, and Nehru?As a true statesman in everything you do.So long as history lives, your name will live,As the Father of my blessed country Guyana.You liberated a nation for a new nation to be born,For us to remember Cheddi Jagan as a noble soul reborn.last_img