first_imgTabletop miniature games can be loads of fun, but there’s a high barrier to entry. You usually have to paint figures by hand. Then there are the rules, which often confuse beginners with esoteric stat modifiers and character skills. Golem Arcana aims to be something different. This mobile-enhanced tabletop board game is looking for funding on Kickstarter to make these games more accessible and attractive to gamers.Golem Arcana comes from the team behind the previous Kickstarter success Shadowrun Returns, an RPG video game. There are four clans in the game, each with four unit models. All the models come pre-painted so they’ll look perfect. The Kickstarter campaign includes some stretch goals that will unlock additional models for the game.To make gameplay more inviting, the designers have created a special stylus with a microdot camera on one end. You touch the camera end of the stylus to the section of the model’s base that indicates the action you want to take. If you’re moving you tap on the square you’re going to. Attacking? Tap on the enemy unit. All this data is sent over Bluetooth 4.0 to a phone or tablet that tells you if moves are valid, and tracks stats and modifiers based on terrain and buffs. The other end of the stylus is also a regular capacitive stylus, which is neat.Golem Arcana has a rich story behind it, and you can learn about the world easily by hitting the info button on your stylus. It can pull up information on any object you scan and have it displayed on the mobile device. This digital approach to tabletop gameplay lets the developers roll out new stories and content very quickly and easily.The game just launched, and has already accumulated over $100,000 (as of this posting). It still has 34 days to reach $500,000. It seems almost certain Harebrained Schemes is going to blow past the goal. If you want in, $55-65 gets you the base game with 6 miniatures, a stylus, dice, and a set of terrain tiles. Higher tiers include more stuff, but you can also buy more items a la carte.last_img