first_imgBatman has had many great writers pen stories about him for decades, however, most of these authors have been comic book writers. It is rare when a novelist writes anything about a superhero, so when you hear that none other than Stephen King himself wrote a story about Batman and Robin, you take notice.A 2012 issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine featured a story by Stephen King called “The Bazaar of Bad Dreams.” This tale, which was eventually included in a compilation book of other short stories, centers around a son and his father who has Alzheimer’s. Because of the disease, the man has a hard time remembering things. The one thing he does remember is the time he and his son dressed up like Batman and Robin for Halloween. The heart of the story is about what happens to them on that night.This story is the focus of NPR’s newest podcast, Too Hot for Radio. On the premiere episode, actor Stephen Lang narrates the story using his naturally gravely voice. The tale is bookended by host Aparna Nancherla interviewing Stephen King expert, Stu Tinker. You can listen to that episode down below.It may seem unusual for Stephen King to write a story about Batman, but the author has actually been a fan of The Caped Crusader his entire life. In an essay he wrote back in 1986, King describes why he prefers Batman over Superman. Like many, King relates to Batman more than the last son of Krypton because he is a regular human being. Sure, Batman is rich, physically perfect, and has a wide array of fancy gadgets, but he is still just a man. And of course, the fact that Batman is “sinister” is another aspect that appeals to the famous horror author.The story may not be about the actual Batman and Robin, but it is a heartfelt tale that — like Batman — most people will be able to relate to.last_img