first_imgOn arrival at the beach today, I headed straight to the bar, to buy a cup of coffee. The barman was impolite to the point of surly, his right (he deemed), because Punters were queuing 5-deep, to buy his watered down beer, at over a fiver a pint.I then made my way, to an electronic machine, and paid the tariff for 3 sunbeds & 1 umbrella. However, on the beach itself, it was unclear where was available, but clear too, that the seating was piled up, some distance away (I am too fat and pampered to carry out such straightforward tasks). Anyway, Sunbed-Man then appeared and went off to fetch the beds before laying them out. At this point, I tried to give him a 20 Sheckels (£4) tip. But he wouldn’t take it. Again, I tried. He whispered to me, that he wasn’t allowed, when working in the burning heat, trudging up and down the sand, to accept tips, under threat of losing his job.Buy a flat, within sight of the beach he works on, for £5million. Pay a fiver for a pint of beer, from an arrogant barman. Go to some extremely expensive restaurants to spend your money. But don’t give Sunbed-Man a tip. No, no, Blog. WE WOULDN’T WANT HIM GETTING AHEAD OF HIMSELF NOW, WOULD WE?Over and out, B xlast_img