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Chelsea v Southampton: match preview, team news, facts and figures

first_imgDiego Costa, banned for this match, scored against Southampton last seasonKick-off: 5.30pm, Saturday 3 October 2015Referee: Bobby Madley (Wakefield, Yorkshire)Five key battles: click hereMatch in a nutshell: Chelsea need a victory against the Saints to kick-start their season after a poor start.Injuries and suspensionsCHELSEARuled out: Thibaut Courtois (knee).Fitness tests: None.Unavailable: Diego Costa (game two of three-match ban).SOUTHAMPTONRuled out: Fraser Forster (knee), Florin Gardos (knee).Fitness tests: Jordy Clasie (ankle ligament). Possible line-upsChelsea: Begovic; Ivanovic, Cahill, Zouma, Azpilicueta; Matic, Fabregas; Pedro, Willian, Hazard; Falcao. Subs from: Blackman, Terry, Baba, Djilobodji, Aina, Mikel, Loftus-Cheek, Ramires, Oscar, Traore, Kenedy, Remy.Southampton: Stekelenburg; Soares, Fonte, Van Dijk, Bertrand; Wanyama, S. Davis; Mane, Ward-Prowse, Tadic; Pelle. Subs from: K. Davis, Gazzaniga, Martina, Yoshida, Caulker, Targett, Romeu, Juanmi, Reed, Ramirez, Long, Rodriguez. Vital statisticsForm guide – last five league matchesChelsea total: D W L L W (7 points)Home: W L D W D (8 points)Southampton total: W L D W D (8 points)Away: D D D L L (3 points)Top scorers – all competitionsChelsea: Willian 3; Costa 2, Oscar 2, Pedro 2, Ramires 2; Azpilicueta 1, Fabregas 1, Falcao 1, Hazard 1, Kenedy 1, Matic 1, Zouma 1.Southampton: Pelle 6; Long 4, Mane 4, Tadic 4; Rodriguez 3; Van Dijk 1.Last five meetings15 March 2015: Chelsea 1 Southampton 128 December 2014: Southampton 1 Chelsea 11 January 2014: Southampton 0 Chelsea 31 December 2013: Chelsea 3 Southampton 130 March 2013: Southampton 2 Chelsea 1Chelsea 2 wins, Southampton 1 win, 2 drawsSee also:Mourinho targets home wins to re-establish Chelsea’s ‘self-esteem’Chelsea v Southampton: five key battlesFollow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Welcome to Play your part

first_imgThis is a national initiative by Brand South Africa powered by the organisation For Good to encourage all South Africans – from businesses to individuals, NGOs to government, churches to schools, young and not so young – to contribute to positive change, to become involved, to simply play a part.Through our unique South African spirit of ubuntu and our innate creativity, we hope to bring together like-minded individuals, communities and companies so that we may all become active citizens. Play your part in giving someone a helping hand, donating time and resources, providing the know-how to start a business or an opportunity to kick-start a career. We all have our part to play, big or small.With the 35th anniversary of the Soweto uprisings approaching on 16 June, celebrate what South African youth have achieved. In 1976 they were young, today they are heroes. Everyone needs a hero. You are young now, whose hero will you be one day? Play your part and become that hero … because even heroes have to start somewhere.Play your part today and let us drive this initiative forward into the bright, promising future of ‘South Africa our land’.last_img read more

A Convincing Demo for Porous Pavement

first_imgControlling flash floodsRunoff isn’t a trivial problem. In a 2009 article, Environmental Building News estimated that there are nearly 38,000 square miles of pavement in the U.S., an area about the size of Indiana. Almost all of it is impermeable. In cities with older wastewater systems, storm runoff can overwhelm water treatment plans and force untreated waste into local waterways.Wider use of porous paving materials could reduce runoff damage, a problem that is likely to get worse in the future, The Atlantic reports. In promoting its new product, Lafarge Tarmac points to the 2007 floods in Great Britain that did $4.8 billion in damage. Two-thirds of the 57,000 houses affected by flooding were damaged by stormwater runoff, not rivers that overflowed.There are some limitations to porous pavement. For one, it’s not as good as conventional asphalt or concrete in handling heavy loads, making it better suited to driveways, some parking lots and lightly traveled residential streets than major highways.In addition, the surface can become contaminated with dirt, sawdust or silt, diminishing its ability to let water pass through. And although Lafarge Tarmac says Topmix has “excellent freeze-thaw resistance,” there are some concerns that water freezing in the material is a potential problem, The Atlantic said.The National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) says that the underlying stone bed makes porous pavement more expensive to install than conventional asphalt. But those costs are more than offset because parts of a standard stormwater management system can be eliminated, generally making porous asphalt a less expensive alternative.In addition, NAPA says at its website, porous pavement has proved to be extremely durable. A parking lot at the Walden Pond State Reservation in Massachusetts, paved in 1977, has never been repaved and still drains effectively. There’s nothing especially new about porous asphalt pavement, a material that allows stormwater to pass directly into the ground rather than directing it to a storm drain. But a new video posted at YouTube is proving to hundreds of thousands of fascinated viewers just how effective it can be.Conventional pavement is impermeable, so when it rains the water sheets off — at times overwhelming storm drains and carrying a variety of pollutants with it. Porous pavement allows water to run through, into a bed of packed stone below and eventually recharging groundwater without the damage that uncontrolled runoff can cause.The video, posted in August by Lafarge Tarmac in the U.K., has racked up more than 333,000 views to date. It shows what looks like a concrete truck dumping water onto the surface of a parking lot paved with Topmix Permeable. Instead of pooling around the truck, the torrent of water disappears almost magically into the pavement.The surface can absorb more than 1,000 gallons of water a minute, according to a report at the website ConstructionDive, because of the gaps built into the mix. It’s absorbed into a thick layer of stone beneath the pavement and eventually permeates into the ground or is diverted elsewhere by a network of pipes. RELATED ARTICLESHelping the Environment, One Drop at a TimeHardscapes: Patios and Drivewayslast_img read more

Choreographing A Fight Scene With A Hollywood Stunt Man

first_imgTrying to pull off a realistic fight scene? Learn from a professional stuntman how to choreograph a fight sequence and translate those stunts to the camera.If you are anything like me, you grew up wanting to be a stunt performer in a big blockbuster action movie. It seems like such an awesome life to dream about. Jumping off buildings all day and beating up bad guys isn’t too bad of a gig. So, we decided to live out our childhood fantasies of becoming stuntmen. We hired John Cann of Action PAC stunts to come teach us how to create a typical fight scene. From punching for the camera to effective throws, John went through and taught us all of the basics of stunt work, which we’re going to share with you today. Punching for the CameraNow there’s a few fundamentals you need to remember when punching for the camera.Keep the phrase on target, out of distance in the back of your mind when doing stunt fighting. This means that your punches should be on target (the face, body, wherever you may be aiming), while maintaining a healthy distance from your opponent. Punches should never make contact on set. Since you’re working with a 2D space through your camera’s lens, you need to frame the punch correctly in order to sell the hit.Don’t forget to maintain eye contact. When you have a choreographed fight scene with another actor, maintaining eye contact is incredibly important for both participants. Eye contact will help you anticipate their movements and make sure that they haven’t forgotten the choreography. When you don’t keep eye contact, you might continue on with the choreography and duck while they throw an unexpected uppercut. If you don’t see it coming it could leave you with a broken jaw.Keeping your arms extended is where stunt fighting differs from realistic fighting. In a real life bout, you would keep your arms bent and close to your core to maintain momentum in your punches. But on camera, real punches don’t translate well. You have to reveal your arms to the camera for it to pick it up. So when you are throwing your punches, keep your arms extended out while throwing those haymakers. It may feel weird for someone who has previous boxing/fighting experience, but it will look a whole lot better on screen.For every hit, you need to make sure that your punches “cross the plane” of the camera. Imagine that there is a pane of glass going from the middle of the camera lens to the middle of your opponent’s face. To sell a punch, your fist needs to break that pane. Crossing that plane simulates a hit. Just pair it with a sound effect and you’ve connected a punch.Maintaining ControlWhen doing stunt work, the person who is at most risk of harm should always be the person in control of the situation. Take a choking stunt for example. The person getting choked should be pulling towards themselves, while the person choking should be pulling away. This is one of those tricks that doesn’t feel right when performing the stunt. But, since both actors are using muscle to pull, the flexed muscles will sell the choke. The camera can’t tell which way the force is going.Tossing Someone SafelyOnly boring fights stay upright. When you want your scene to get down and dirty, including a tossing stunt can bring gritty realism to your choreography. The one thing you need to remember for a throw is that the person getting tossed should be in control of their fall, while the tosser should only be guiding them. When someone actually gets thrown, you open yourself up for an accidental injury. Luckily we had stunt mats to practice our throws. But, you can use anything soft to practice these throws on, such as couch cushions or a mattress.The mats are only for rehearsal. You can’t really just have a mattress conveniently laying on the floor in your scene for someone to fall on (unless your scene is in a mattress factory). You are actually going to be hitting that floor. To protect ourselves, John provided us with stunt pads to cover up the places where we would get hit. If you don’t have access to stunt pads, skating pads or even low-profile protective gear like lacrosse equipment can protect you.Adding Props to Sell the FightWhat’s something that always ramps up the action in a fight scene? Breakable objects, of course! For our scene, we used breakaway chairs and pool cues, as well as sugar glass bottles. The breakaway chairs we used had all of the metal screws removed from the joints and replaced with wood glue and toothpicks to keep it together. The pool cues had weak points sawed into the middle so that they broke immediately when they made contact.Sugar glass is Hollywood’s choice when it comes to glass breaking stunts. It’s an extremely brittle substance, and will break easily when it makes contact. The bottles cost about $20 each, so if you’re on a budget you can try making your own:Putting It All TogetherYour fight needs to flow, and that flow relies heavily on motivation. If someone gets punched a few times, they’ll come back swinging even harder. A scene with only punch/return punch can stagnate quickly, so ramp up the intensity as the fight carries on. You want the fight to seem like it’s life or death, and not just a quick exchanging of blows. So work with your opponent to create a dynamic scene, rehearse it multiple times, and get shooting!Want to learn more about filmmaking? Check out these articles:7 Reasons You Should “Script” Your Documentary ProjectsWhat Can Production Insurance Do for Your Film or Video?Interview: Filmmaker America Young on Stunts, Directing, and PersistenceYour Guide to Getting Started Shooting RAW Videolast_img read more

Six peahens found dead in Bijnor

first_imgSix peahens have died in a village in Bijnor. Four were found dead and four others were recovered in an unconscious state from a field in Shadipur village on Monday, district forest officials said.“Two more died on Tuesday during treatment,” M. Semmaran, Divisional Forest Officer, told The Hindu. He said two doves and a partridge were also found dead in the same field. Mr Semmaran, who is a veterinary doctor as well, said the cause of the deaths were not clear yet. Wild berriesHe said around 100 wild red berries were found stuffed in the digestive tract of peahens along with a few wheat grains. Mr. Semmaran didn’t rule out pesticides that farmers spray on crops for the deaths.last_img

2014 FIFA World Cup match preview: Mexico eager to try its ‘luck’ against Croatia

first_imgGoalkeeper of Mexico Guillermo Ochoa during a training session at the Arena Pernambuco in Recife, Brazil. (AP Photo)Mexico coach Miguel Herrera says he’s happy to be lucky if that means advancing in the World Cup.Mexico wraps up Group A play against Croatia, whose star midfielder, Luka Modric, said that Mexico benefited from some luck in its scoreless draw with Brazil last week.Herrera indicated that he’d rather be lucky than lose 3-1 to Brazil, as Croatia did.”If we have a draw with Brazil with luck or without it, we did it, they didn’t,” Herrera said.Mexico needs only another tie against Croatia to advance to the second round, while the Croatians must win.After practice Sunday night, Herrera and defender Hector Moreno appeared at a news conference where they generally avoided opportunities to respond to some of the verbal jousts issued earlier in the day by Modric and Croatia coach Niko Kovac.Kovac suggested that his side has the requisite caliber of attacking players to become the first to score against “El Tri” and goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa in this World Cup, adding that “if anyone’s knees should be trembling,” it should be those of the Mexicans.”We could talk about 1,000 things here, and we could go through 1,000 circumstances that would lead us to believe that one (team) is better than the other,” Herrera said. “What we have to do is prove it on the pitch.”Mexico has played a World Cup in which we’ve proven we have an attitude of determination. It is a robust team. It is a team that has not conceded goals. It is a team that is doing things right.”advertisementMexico goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa has posted a pair of shutouts against Cameroon and Brazil, needing a slew of spectacular saves to keep the Selecao from scoring.He could be challenged again by a Croatia side that is coming off a 4-0 victory over Cameroon, and which has several key players – from Bayern Munich striker Mario Mandzukic to Real Madrid’s Modric – who have put together successful careers in Europe’s top leagues.Mexico defender Hector Moreno, who plays for Spanish side Espanyol and has faced Modric in La Liga play, said Mexico has no lack of respect for Croatia’s talent, “but Mexico also has great individuals and we have a great team.”Moreno added that he’s “not attaching a great deal of importance” to comments made earlier Sunday by Modric and Kovac.”We will see everything on the pitch,” Moreno said. “We will see on the field who has better players and who has a better team – and I fully trust it will be Mexico.”For Herrera, the fact that Croatia has a number of players from top European leagues should provide that much more motivation for El Tri to show the world – and European scouts at the World Cup- what Mexican football is all about.Thus far, Mexico has managed just one goal, scored by Oribe Peralta in a 1-0 victory over Cameroon. Manchester United striker Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez not only has yet to score, but hasn’t cracked the starting lineup, instead coming in as a second-half substitute. Herrera said he isn’t planning any changes to his lineup, meaning Hernandez will open a third straight match on the bench.Both teams practiced on wet turf at Arena Pernambuco because of intermittent showers throughout Sunday, and more rain was in the forecast for Monday. Herrera joked that Mexico seems to have brought ran with it wherever it has traveled in Brazil. But El Tri has also brought fans – lots of them.A cruise ship with several thousand Mexican supporters aboard is docked in the port of Recife, and many more have been seen throughout town.Herrera said he’s expecting a heavily pro-Mexico crowd to push his players.”Of course, we have the idea, the feeling of what people in Mexico are going through, with the dreams that we’ve created,” Herrera said. “We will come out onto the field to give everything so we can obtain the objective we have set before us.”last_img read more