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CWG: PIB release shows UPA appointed Suresh Kalmadi

first_imgPIB reveals that the UPA-led government suggested that Kalmadi be made the OC chief.As the debate rages as to who appointed Suresh Kalmadi as the chief of the Commonwealth Games Organising Committee, Mail Today has accessed a document which shows that he was elevated to the post on January 30, 2005 by the Group of Ministers (GoM) headed by the late Arjun Singh.The document also reveals that the GoM accepted a suggestion made on December 6, 2004 by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to appoint Kalmadi as OC chief.In the Press Information Bureau (PIB) release – which Mail Today is in possession of – dated January 30, 2005, Singh had also announced a slew of committees, including the one where the OC was to be headed by the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) president Kalmadi.”The Organising Committee will deal with the Government of India through the ministry of youth affairs and sports and with the Delhi government,” the PIB release quoting Singh said.In that release, the apex committee headed by sports minister Sunil Dutt was given overriding power and responsibility to oversee and coordinate the Commonwealth Games. In fact, Dutt was a member of the GOM that appointed Kalmadi. While suggesting that Kalmadi be made the OC chairman, the PMO also wanted an empowered committee, under the minister of youth affairs and sports, to look after the construction of the stadia and other infrastructure facilities required for the Games.The PMO suggested that “this committee may be chaired by minister of youth affairs and sports and would comprise three vice-chairmen – Lt Governor, Delhi, chief minister, Delhi, and chairman of the OC”. It is clear that the GOM had envisioned the apex committee as the supreme body.”The minutes of all the other committees related to the conduct of the Commonwealth Games shall be submitted to the apex committee periodically for its information,” Singh had said.”The chairman of the apex committee can also call for such information which he deems fit and can give such guidance that may required.” Singh had also announced then that a threemember sub-committee, headed by the then finance minister P. Chidambaram, would supervise and deal with all the financial matters.Singh had also said the OC executive board would have 15 members, including the chairman and the vice-chairman, to be appointed in consultation with the GoM. effect, the GoM had put in place checks and balances over the OC.How many meetings of the apex committee under Dutt and subsequent sports ministers were held is, however, uncertain. But the fact remains that Kalmadi was appointed by the government and the OC was formed only a week or so after the January 30, 2005 announcement.advertisementlast_img read more

The Indian fan is acutely embarrassed every four years by the resounding absence of India from the World Cup

first_imgDressed in the team jersey, footballfans in Kolkata cheer for their favourite team, BrazilYou’ve got to love India for the way it loves football. There is no Indian team in the World Cup; and yet, for many Indians, life has ground to a delicious halt for the month-long duration of,Dressed in the team jersey, footballfans in Kolkata cheer for their favourite team, BrazilYou’ve got to love India for the way it loves football. There is no Indian team in the World Cup; and yet, for many Indians, life has ground to a delicious halt for the month-long duration of the tournament. Unlike in 2006-when Vikash Dhorasoo, a Mauritian descended from Andhra labourers indentured in the 19th century, made his improbable way on to the roster of France-there isn’t a single player of Indian origin in any of the 32 squads on view in Brazil.Amid the legions of naturalised players representing countries other than the ones in which they (or their parents) were born, there are Congolese players playing for Belgium, Albanians for Switzerland, Jamaicans for England, Turks for Germany, Surinamese for The Netherlands, Senegalese for France, Guinea-Bissauans for Portugal, Icelanders for the United States.But there is no ethnic Indian in sight- on any team, from anywhere-even though there can scarcely be a country where Indians have not settled in numbers. And yet, India is agog, watching the World Cup through late nights and early mornings with a passion that is truly impressive, even slightly mad. At an emotional and spiritual level, this should make Indians a special people. At least with regard to football, we are not narrow nationalists. I wanted to set up a business call with a colleague in Delhi and he pleaded, “Please, no, not then, I’ll be watching Colombia.” This was a country in which the man in question had never set foot, whose music (I can reliably state) he’d never heard, whose language he does not speak, and yet…missing even a small part of the game mattered. Colombia mattered because Colombia was playing football in the World Cup, and that was that. There is a purity of devotion in the heart of the Indian football aficionado that comes from being unsullied by merely patriotic impulses. This is what makes the Indian football fan so much more noble than the Indian cricket fan, who cares only for the Indian cricket team (a victorious Indian cricket team, preferably), and who would rather die a slow death than watch New Zealand play Sri Lanka, or England play South Africa.advertisementEvery four years, when the football World Cup starts to sizzle, Indian fans are faced with a question that fans in Brazil or England, Argentina or The Netherlands, do not ever face: Who to support? Not for Indians the electric pleasure of watching their team emerge from the tunnel, hair gelled, chins astubble, chests puffed with pride as the national anthem plays out to the world. Not for Indians the delight of having strangers from other lands come up to them, mouthing (and mangling) the names of Indian players in gestures of admiration and fandom. Not for Indians the panning of the cameras to Indian sections of a World Cup crowd, alighting on the faces of lovely Indian girls, painted Indian diehard fans, troops of men beating Indian drums. India, a billion-strong, is absent from the spectacle. We had a chance to be a part of all this, in 1950, when the Indian team was invited to the last World Cup held in Brazil. But the men who ran the Indian football federation, to their eternal damnation, chose not to send a team that would likely have acquitted itself well. They deemed the damage to their precious budgets to be too high.India-and Indian football-has been paying for that shortsightedness, that cosmic niggardliness, forever after. Those were years when India was the India of global under-confidence, of an inward-looking provincialism, when competition was frowned upon by the elites who governed the country. This aversion to competition afflicted our business, our industry, our trade… our football. And now that we are ready to compete with the world, we find that we cannot, except in those areas where we have a special advantage, such as cricket, with its small field of countries against which the game might be played.We are still appalling at most truly global competitions: Our universities aren’t world-class; our scientific R&D is mediocre, as is our defence technology; our industries are uncompetitive; our military fit for battle only against paltry Pakistan (and China knows this); our diplomats can barely speak English (let alone Russian or Arabic)… and our football team is ranked 154th in the world, one place above Singapore, one place behind Malaysia.But our football fans should be ranked close to, or at, No. 1, for they are the closest one gets to the platonic ideal of a football-lover. Not wedded to a team by blood or flag, they pick their favourites independently. An Indian family might have a father who supports Brazil, a son who shouts for a Spain, a daughter who swoons for Italy, a mother who admires Argentina. Brazil has long been an Indian passion, in part because its players play the game with such rollicking panache, but also because there is a sense that Brazil, somehow, is like India: A big, unruly, Third World country with colossal income disparity and cities seething with slums. It helps, perhaps, that some Brazilians even look a bit like us. But when we look at their football crowds, and their women, we know that there are few countries in the world that are as unlike India as Brazil. We gape at their sexual frankness, their startlingly different moral codes, and we know that all comparisons, all likenesses, have limits.advertisementIn the end, what the Indian fan looks for in a World Cup team is not an echo of himself or his country, but a history of excellence and a recognisable sporting idiom that appears to transcend national boundaries. Brazil plays football in a way that invites the whole world to watch. Recent Spanish teams have played that way, too, as have some of the more successful Argentine sides of the modern era. England, by contrast, and Germany (or, to be fair, the Germany of about 10 years ago) have both been teams that tailor their appeal to their own compatriots. Flair is an important part of global appeal, efficiency and grit less so. Which is not to say that Indian fans aren’t quietly envious of people from countries that aren’t in the top tier, and yet, by sheer dint of effort, send teams to World Cups: Costa Rica. Algeria. Greece. Bosnia and Herzegovina. South Korea. United States. Honduras. Iran.For the truth is that the Indian fan is acutely embarrassed every four years by the resounding absence of India from the World Cup, even as he is exhilarated by the matches between old favourites. Just as players from other lands are household names in his own country, the Indian fan yearns for the day when Indian players will command global attention, serving as better ambassadors for India than the legions of suits in embassies around the world. Watching football is a complex business when the World Cup comes around. We are uplifted by the play we see, by the rugged beauty on display. But we also feel very small as we watch, a nation cut down to size.Tunku Varadarajan is a fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institutionlast_img read more

FIFA World Cup 2018: 10 Underrated Players To Watch Out For

first_img4. Nick Pope (England)Following Tom Heaton’s injury Nick Pope made most of his chances for Burnley this season keeping 11 clean sheets and impressing a lot of critics. Now he would be looking to carry the form he has had this season into the World Cup. Even though he faces a three way competition from Jack Butland and Jordan Pickford he will try hard to cement the No.1 spot for the goal keeping position.5. Florian Thauvin (France)Having failed in the Premier League with Newcastle United Thauvin returned to Marseille in 2016. Since then he has been in very good form and also netting 22 goals and 11 assists for them in the currently concluded season with only the likes of Messi, Salah and Suarez bettering it. Thauvin who predominantly plays in the wings will have a hard time getting to play with the likes of Mbappe, Dembele and Lemar being preferred ahead of him. Nevertheless he’ll be looking to make an impact in the limited chances he gets.6. Hirving Lozano (Mexico)With 19 goals and 11 assists Lozano was instrumental in PSV winning the title this season. These stats are more special since it is his first season in Europe having played only in Mexico before. Even though he is still relatively inexperienced he will look to make a mark this world cup. He has already given some eye catching performances for Mexico in the Confederations Cup held last summer.(photo credits: squawka) Advertisement 7.Alireza Jahanbakhsh (Iran)Jahanbakhsh finished the Eredivisie as the top scorer scoring 21 goals and assisting 11 times. Even though it isn’t one of the best leagues, top scoring one isn’t an easy feat. He became the first Asian to top score in a major European league. With the likes of Portugal and Spain the same group it will be difficult for Iran to qualify. But nevertheless Jahanbakhsh and his fellow teammates will try to give their best in order to get into the knockouts.8. Wilfred Ndidi (Nigeria)Nigeria have already made their name this World Cup before it has even begun. Their Jerseys have become a huge hit and has become very popular among fans. But added to this if they want to go further in the tournament their hopes will be pinned on their defensive midfielder Ndidi. Having been one of the key players for Leicester City and having made the most tackles per game in the Premier League he has attracted a lot of interest from the bigger clubs. But having been drawn in a difficult group along Argentina, Iceland and Croatia it will be difficult for them to make it into the knockouts.9. Salif Sane (Senegal)Senegal are one of the dark horses has far as this World Cup is concerned. going forward they have world class players such as Sadio Mane and Keita Balde and in the back they have Koulibaly and Salif Sane. Sane had an incredible season with Hannover 96 and was immediately brought by Schalke 04. He uses his height to his advantage and is very good in Ariel ability making him one of the best in ariel duels in Bundesliga. Sane will have to continue his amazing form at the back if Senegal are looking to go further in the tournament.(photo credits: goal)10. Achraf Hakimi (Morocco)At this very young age Hakimi has already won the club world cup and champions league while playing for Real Madrid. Even though he made only 17 appearances for Real Madrid this season he will start for morocco in the left back this world cup. The club having immense faith in him was shown as they sold Danilo to Manchester City. He will look to impress everyone this world cup and become a future star.Also Read: FIFA World Cup 2018 : Group-wise PredictionsAlso Read: FIFA World Cup 2018: Final Squad Listcenter_img Advertisement(photo credits: FIFA)The 2018 FIFA World Cup is just around the corner. It is that time of the year when people sit in front of their televisions to support their favorite stars such as Messi and Ronaldo lead their country to the ultimate glory.Apart from these players who are always tipped to perform well in the big stages there are a list of players whose contribution to the team is vital but often remain underrated.Here are a list of 10 underrated players to watch out for this world cup.1. Sardar Azmoun (Iran)The Iranian striker is one of the players to watch out for this world cup. We can clearly say that the hopes of Iran qualifying for the knockouts rests on him. He has scored 5 times for the Russian side Rubin Kazan this season. His style and game play has attracted variety of clubs across Europe including Liverpool. Goals against Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid while playing for Rostov in the Champions League proves he is distinct to become a star in the future.2. Sergej Milinković-Savić (Serbia)Nicknamed the Sergeant, Milinković-Savić has had an amazing season with Lazio netting 14 times for them. The Serbian as already won the under-20 and under-19 and is now eyeing the World Cup. Even though he has only 3 appearances for the national team he is a sure starter and will be eyeing to make a mark this world cup. Also he has attracted interest from the European giants Manchester United.3. Andre Silva (Portugal)Andre Silva will be looking to make a mark for Portugal. Having recently moved from Porto to Italian club AC Milan he made a good start by scoring 8 goals in this season’s UEFA Europa League. Accompanied by players such as Ronaldo and Quaresma around him will certainly make him a much improved player this World Cup.(photo credits: 90min)last_img read more

Wasim Akram turns 50: A look at five of his most enduring records

first_imgThe Sultan of Swing has turned 50 today. It has been 13 years since Wasim Akram retired from international cricket but he still cherishes every moment he is involved with the game, be it as a commentator or as a coachDeservedly, Akram woke up to an avalanche of birthday wishes this morning. He started the day by thanking his fans on Twitter..Woke up this morning on my 50th birthday with my kids & wife around me & messages from all over!Thank you for all the love & wishes today Wasim Akram (@wasimakramlive) June 3, 2016In his heyday, Akram was batsman’s nightmare. Even the best in the business could rarely get the better of the Pakistan pacer. The clip of India great Rahul Dravid struggling to put bat to ball against Akram tells us volumes about his bowling mastery.Akram was tall, taller than his Asian counterparts and matched the West Indies pace greats not just with his height but also with the aggression and class. Akram deceived and set batsmen up with his incredible ability to swing the cherry both ways. He, along with his teammates Imran Khan and Waqar Younis, made life difficult for batsmen with their reverse-swinging toe-crushers.A COMPLETE PACKAGE Akram was a complete package. He had the variety that caught batsmen off guard. All this was coming from swift wrists that never divulged the seam to the batsman. Not just with the ball, Akram was a passable batsman too. On umpteen occasions, he has chipped in with the bat for Pakistan as well. The left-handed all-rounder has 2898 Test, 3717 ODI runs against his name.  advertisementAkram carried forward the pace-bowling legacy of Imran Khan and Sarfraz Nawaz and also borne the burden of captaincy after Khan’s days. He led Pakistan to Test Championship title in the inaugural edition (1999) and had won 12 of the 25 matches he skipper the team.ANY GUESSES? My new avatar! Can you guess what it’s for?? Wasim Akram (@wasimakramlive) May 7, 2016His impact in world cricket is phenomenal. Any promising left-arm pacer is will be asked  about emulating Akram. Many have tried but not many have even remotely come close to achieving benchmark set by the Pakistan pacer.Akram, now, is one of the most revered cricket commentators in Asia. Also, he has found tremendous success in his second innings as coaching staff. Akram was part of the support staff when Indian Premier League team Kolkata Knight Riders lifted the trophy in 2012 and in 2014. He was appointed as director of Pakistan Super League team Islamabad United in the inaugural edition of the tournament. And guess what, Akram as team director tasted success as the Misbah-ul-Haq-led team clinched glory in the recently concluded season.On his 50th birthday, here’s a look at some of the staggering records set by Akram. Akram had never played first-class cricket before making his debut for Pakistan against New Zealand in November 1984. Kudos to the then Pakistan selectors who got him the team.   Akram sealed the top-spot in Wisden’s all-time ODI bowlers list.  With 1223.5 points, he edged past South Africa’s Alan Donald and compatriot Waqar Younis.  The Pakistan great is also widely regarded as the best left-arm pacer in international cricket. Akram’s unbeaten 257 against Zimbabwe in 1996 is the highest by a No 8 batsman in Tests. With the same knock, he created another record by slamming the most number of sixes (12) in a Test innings. Given the reduced ground sizes and longer bats, Akram still holding to the record is a phenomenal feat. Akram is the only bowler to have taken four international hat-tricks – two in ODIs and two in Tests. His ODI hat-tricks came in a span of two years  – the first one against West Indies in 1989 and the second against Australia in 1990. Notably, Akram hit the timber on all six occasions. Akram was the first ODI bowler to get to 500 wickets. He stayed on top of the bowling charts for six years until Sri Lanka spinner Muttiah Muralitharan went past him. With 502 wickets from 356 matches, Akram is second on the list.last_img read more

#ThrowbackThursday: When Geet from Jab We Met introduced this crazy fashion to the world

first_imgIt’s impossible to list Bollywood’s most memorable and iconic characters without having the chirpy Geet from Jab We Met pop up in one’s head, and leave a smile on one’s face. Right from her adorable blabber to her carefree life ideologies, Geet was every bit a charmer.While this ‘Sikhni from Bhatida’s’ character garnered admiration from all corners–thanks to how relatable she was–Geet’s dress sense was no less of an inspiration. Apart from the iconic, red skirt that was styled fabulously with a white shirt and black waist-coat, she left us in awe of almost all her casual-yet-trendy looks.Picture courtesy: YouTube Picture courtesy: YouTube From her subtle, Patiala suits to the stylish, denim jackets, every outfit had an easy-breezy vibe, but what really stayed with the audiences was her fusion, Patiala salwar-t-shirt look.Also Read: #ThrowbackThursday: When Ramola Sikand from Kaahin Kissii Roz challenged conventional vamp-dressingIt’s not hard to recall the scene where Geet first meets Aditya, the character played by Shahid Kapoor, in a train–it is that scene, where she can be seen sporting the Indo-Western outfit. It’s admirable how the outfit was chosen for her introductory scene, because it synced so well with her easy-going character.Also Read: #ThrowbackThursday: When Urvashi Dholakia as Komolika created ripples in the fashion worldKeeping it minimal and extremely comfortable, she wore a long, white, t-shirt, which she teamed with a pristine, white, Patiala salwar. Pairing a tee and a Patiala salwar would have sounded like a really bizarre idea, had it not be for Geet, played by Kareena Kapoor–who knew exactly how to pull it off–by keeping it monochrome.advertisementPicture courtesy: YouTubeStyling it cleverly, she wore a white tee, which had a quirky, blue print on it, and added a whole lot of vibrance to the look. Keeping it sober and traditional, she wore a pair of comfortable-looking jootis with the outfit, and gave it a quintessential Punjabi-look, which made it all the more appealing. Now, that’s what you call smart styling, Geet.Picture courtesy: YouTubeWith just one outfit, Geet got the ball rolling for this trend.last_img read more

10 months agoLuka Modric on Real Madrid crisis: This isn’t bad luck; our starts are s***

first_imgAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your say Luka Modric on Real Madrid crisis: This isn’t bad luck; our starts are s***by Carlos Volcano10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveLuka Modric blasted his Real Madrid teammates after defeat to Real Sociedad.The midfielder questioned the attitude for the start of the 2-0 reverse.”Many of us are not at our level,” Modric said in the mixed zone.”We cannot take a s*** at the beginning of every game.”We have to be clear, it’s not a matter of luck.”We are creating a lot but the ball won’t go in and we are giving a lot but there are reasons that explain why things are not going well.” last_img

Asian Athletics Championships: PU Chitra wins India 3rd gold, Dutee Chand bags bronze

first_imgAsian Athletics Championships: PU Chitra wins India 3rd gold, Dutee Chand bags bronzePU Chitra became the only Indian to have retained the Asian Athletics Championships title in the ongoing edition of the meet in Doha on Thursday when she won the gold in the women’s 1500m eventadvertisement Next India Today Web Desk DohaApril 24, 2019UPDATED: April 24, 2019 21:34 IST PU Chitra poses with the Indian national flag at the Khalifa Stadium in Doha (@afiindia Photo)HIGHLIGHTSPU Chitra now has two gold medals in women’s 1500m at Asian Athletics ChampionshipsAjay Kumar Saroj won the silver medal in men’s 1500m in Doha on ThursdayDutee Chand clocked her season best timing to win 200m bronze medalIndia’s middle-distance runner PU Chitra won the country’s third gold medal at the Asian Athletics Championships 2019 in Doha, Qatar on Wednesday by finishing on the top step of the podium in the women’s 1500m event. Gomathi Marimuthu (women’s 800m) and Tajinder Pal Singh (men’s shot put) had won India gold medals on Tuesday.23-year-old Chitra clocked 4:14.56s on Wednesday evening to become the first Indian athlete to defend her Asian Athletics Championships in the ongoing meet. Chitra had won the gold medal in the women’s 1500m race in the 2017 Asian Athletics Championships held in Bhubaneshwar.Chitra executed her plans perfectly by staying with the leaders for the majority of the race. She came up with a strong burst towards the end to leave Bahraini runners Gashaw Tigest and Winfred Mutile behind. Gashaw Tigest took the silver with a timing of 4:14.81s while Mutile won bronze with a timing of 4:16.18s, her season best.Notably, Chitra was beaten to third by Gashaw Tigest during her bronze-medal winning run at Asian Games in 2018.Speaking about the close finish in Doha on Thursday, Chitra said: “Got a little nervous towards the end being next to Bahraini runner (Gashaw Tigest). She beat me to third place in Asian Games. I had to really push hard in the end.”Minutes after Chitra’s memorable win, Ajay Kumar Saroj won a silver in the men’s 1500m race, clocking a season best timing of 3:43.18s. Abrahamn Kipchirchir of Bahrain took the gold with a timing of 3:42.85s.Ajay Kumar Saroj grabs 1500m Silver Medal of #AAC2019 #Doha with a Season Best Time of 3:43.18Fantastic show by both 1500m #Indian runners PU Chitra & Ajay Federation of India (@afiindia) April 24, 2019India’s medall tally on the final day of the Asian Athletics Championships was opened by superstar sprinter Dutee Chand. The 23-year-old was involved in a photofinsih in the women’s 200m event and eventually finished with a bronze medal.#DuteeChand you deserve it, you did it!Winner of 200m bronze medal #AAC2019 #Doha with a PB time of 23.24s”I am really very happy. I missed a medal in 100m & relay. I put too much effort in 100m, was not sure of medal in 200m. Just did my best & I am happy,” Dutee said. Federation of India (@afiindia) April 24, 2019Bahrain’s star athlete Naser Salva took the gold with a timing of 22.74s while Kazakshtan’s Sarfronova Olga took the silver with a timing of 22.87s.Dutee and Odiong Edidiong of Bahrain were seperated by just 0.001s.”I am really very happy. I missed a medal in 100m & relay. I put too much effort in 100m, was not sure of medal in 200m. Just did my best & I am happy,” Dutee Chand said.Also Read | Badminton Asia Championships: Sindhu and Saina progress, Srikanth stunnedAlso Read | Ankita Raina stuns former US Open champion Samantha StosurAlso See:For sports news, updates, live scores and cricket fixtures, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for Sports news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted byAkshay Ramesh Tags :Follow PU ChitraFollow Dutee ChandFollow Asian Athletics ChampionshipsFollow Ajay Kumar Sarojlast_img read more

Community Colleges Offer BPO, Logistics Programmes

first_imgSome of the country’s community colleges have taken steps to incorporate Business Process Management and Logistics-related programmes into their curriculum, in a move that aligns with the strategic direction of the Government and respond to the emerging needs of the Jamaican economy.Executive Director of the Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica (CCCJ), Dr. Donna Powell Wilson, said at least one college already offers an Associate’s Degree in Business Process Management.She was in addressing a Jamaica Information Service (JIS) ‘ Think Tank’ on Thursday, May 25.The Portmore Community College took the lead in developing the curriculum, which has been made available to other colleges across the island. An additional two colleges will start offering the programme in September.“We have also established relationships with the BPO industry, so our learners will have the opportunity to do their work experience in some of those institutions,” Dr. Powell Wilson said, adding that the CCCJ seeks to ensure that colleges are always responding effectively to the demands of the labour market.She noted that community colleges have, in the meantime, been offering BPO and Logistics-related programmes, such as the Associate in Business Studies and the Associate in Engineering Studies. The CCCJ will be developing a professional certification for persons who have completed those programmes.“That certificate will (show they have) the competency and skills for them to operate in the BPO, at a step above entry level,” Dr. Powell Wilson said.Meanwhile, Principal of Knox Community College and President of the Association of Principals and Vice Principals of Community Colleges, Dr. Gordon Cowans, said the swift response of the colleges to the emerging needs of the economy speaks to the flexibility of the sector.“We are able to respond to not just the immediate community needs but also to the national economy’s demands. So we are very proud,” he said.Dr. Cowans further noted that the community colleges will in a few weeks, through collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, facilitate the training of high school students for entry-level courses in Business Process Outsourcing.Some 3,000 to 4,000 youth will participate in the training, which will utilise the facilities and other resources of the community colleges.There are eight community colleges in Jamaica in 25 different locations across the island. They are the Bethlehem Moravian College, Moneague College, the College of Agriculture, Science and Education (CASE), Excelsior Community College, Montego Bay Community College, Brown’s Town Community College, Portmore Community College and Knox Community College.last_img read more

BBC Oregon Refloated after Grounding off Newfoundland

first_imgzoomImage Courtesy: Canadian Coast Guard The 12,660 dwt general cargo vessel BBC Oregon has been refloated after it ran aground in the Bay Bulls harbor on June 30.According to the Canadian Coast Guard, the CCGS Edward Cornwallis and the tug Beverley M towed the 138-meter-long ship off its grounding location to a safe anchorage in the harbor.There were no reports of injuries or pollution following the incident.The officials conducted an assessment of the vessel, whereby no damages to the hull structure were found.Operated by BBC Chartering, the general cargo ship ran aground shortly after unmooring in Newfoundland, Canada.According to AIS data provided by VesselsValue, the ship is currently at anchor in Bay Bulls harbor.World Maritime News Stafflast_img


first_img Login/Register With: DRAKE HYPES RAPTORS WIN IN ‘MONEY IN THE GRAVE’ VIDEORapper hoists Toronto’s NBA trophy at OVO Fest, lounges with Rick Ross in new black-and-white clipDrake chills with Rick Ross and celebrates the Toronto Raptors’ NBA championship onstage in his new “Money in the Grave” video. LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Twitter Advertisement Advertisement The clip opens with Drake exiting a vehicle as an excavator digs out a grave nearby. From there, the rapper hangs out on a basketball court, sips wine with a cigar-smoking Ross and performs live at Toronto’s OVO Fest after the Raptors’ victory (while decked out in the jersey of Percy “Master P” Miller, who played for the team in the 1999 pre-season) READ MORE DRAKE DROPS NEW MUSIC VIDEO FOR ‘MONEY IN THE GRAVE’ FEATURING RICK ROSSDrake has unveiled his moody new black and white music video for “Money in the Grave”, featuring Rick Ross.The Canadian rapper can be seen boarding private jets and sipping fancy wine in the clip, also filming some scenes from a construction site. READ MOREDRAKE AND RICK ROSS SHARE VIDEO FOR “MONEY IN THE GRAVEHaving teamed up on a pair of new tracks this year, Drake and Rick Ross have now shared a video for “Money in the Grave.”Directed by Theo Skudra, the black and white clip opens with Drake at an oil well in the dead of night, backfilling an open hole in the earth as his entourage looks on. READ MORE Advertisement Facebooklast_img read more

Exiled Waterhen residents face being evicted again

first_imgAPTN National NewsNearly 300 people were removed from their community by a tactical team in the mid 1990s and feel they are at risk of being displaced again.Former members of Waterhen First Nation have been living in exile since in a small Manitoba town.A dozen of them face eviction and fear they could end up homeless.APTN’s Dennis Ward has the story.last_img

SP 500 in correction territory

Losses were deepening on the Toronto stock market as investors grappled with discouraging economic data from around the globe and increasing concerns about a global recession.The S&P/TSX composite index fell 88.67 points to 11,272.53 after briefly starting the day higher.On Wall Street, the Dow Jones industrial average dropped 34 points to 12,085. The Nasdaq composite index was down four points to 2,743 and the S&P 500 index lost five points to 1,273.A U.S. Commerce Department report said companies placed fewer orders to U.S. factories for the second straight month with orders for factory goods falling 0.6 per cent in April from March.The weakness followed a dismal session in Asia where Japan’s Nikkei 224 index fell 1.7 per cent to its lowest finish since Nov. 28.The Canadian dollar slipped 0.21 of a cent to 96.00 cents US, falling even further after finishing last week at a 5-1/2 month low.U.S. stocks retreated, sending the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index down 10 percent from this year’s peak in April, as orders to U.S. factories unexpectedly fell and data pointed to a further Chinese slowdown.Caterpillar Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. lost at least 1.9 percent to pace declines among the biggest companies. The Dow Jones Transportation Average slid 1.2 percent. Facebook Inc. slumped 1.6 percent after last week’s 13 percent plunge. Chesapeake Energy Corp., the U.S. energy explorer battered by collapsing natural-gas prices and growing investor mistrust, rallied 2.3 percent as it will replace almost half its board under pressure from billionaire investor Carl Icahn.The S&P 500 fell 0.3 percent to 1,274.43 at 10:36 a.m. New York time. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 24.68 points, 0.2 percent, to 12,093.89. Trading in S&P 500 companies was 2.9 percent below the 30-day average at this time of day.“The data has been more pessimistic than optimistic,” said Tim Holland, portfolio manager at TAMRO Capital Partners, which oversees $1.75 billion. He spoke in a telephone interview from Alexandria, Virginia. “That obviously adds up to concern about Europe. The market is taking a very cautious tone.”Equities fell as data showed that factory orders dropped 0.6 percent in April after a revised 2.1 percent decrease in March. Economists projected a 0.2 percent gain. China’s non- manufacturing industries expanded at the slowest pace in more than a year. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman said that Spain knows where to look for aid if it’s needed, giving no ground to Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s pleas that Germany consider new ideas to resolve the debt crisis.The S&P 500 slumped from an almost four-year high on April 2 amid concern about a global economic slowdown and a worsening of Europe’s debt crisis. The decline trimmed this year’s gain to 1.4 percent. The Dow erased its 2012 advance on June 1 as American employers added the fewest workers in a year and reports signaled global manufacturing was slowing.Financial, industrial and commodity shares had the biggest losses among 10 groups in the S&P 500. The Morgan Stanley Cyclical Index of companies most-dependent on economic growth retreated 1.3 percent. A measure of homebuilders in S&P indexes declined 2.5 percent. Caterpillar, the world’s largest maker of construction and mining equipment, dropped 2 percent to $83.81. JPMorgan slid 1.9 percent to $31.33.Facebook slumped 1.6 percent to $27.27. The world’s biggest social network fell to a record intraday low after Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. initiated coverage with an underperform rating and a $25 target price.“It is difficult to argue for owning the stock today,” said Carlos Kirjner, an analyst at Bernstein in New York, in a research report initiating coverage Inc. sank 2.2 percent to $128.16. It agreed to buy Buddy Media Inc. for about $745 million, its biggest purchase ever, adding marketing software to promote products on social sites including Facebook and Twitter Inc.Yum! Brands Inc., which got about 44 percent of revenue last year from stores in China, dropped 2.1 percent to $63.37. The shares were downgraded at Raymond James Financial Inc.Chesapeake Energy rallied 2.3 percent to $15.94. Four of the company’s eight non-executive directors will be replaced with nominees of the largest shareholders, Southeastern Asset Management Inc. and Icahn. Icahn triggered the overhaul by acquiring a 7.6 percent stake last month to rein in what he saw as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Aubrey McClendon’s risk- taking and overspending that led to a $22 billion cash crunch and eroded the share price.With files from Bloomberg read more

Rams ready for next step after wild turnaround under McVay

LOS ANGELES — Jared Goff doesn’t forget how things used to be for the Los Angeles Rams way back in the bad old days of 2016.The No. 1 pick’s first season with this franchise also was its homecoming season in California. That first year was a prolonged nightmare on the field for the Rams with a 4-12 record, coach Jeff Fisher’s late-season firing, and Goff’s seven winless games as a rookie starter.And while those dismal times clearly weren’t long ago, it’s simply stunning to compare those hapless Rams with the proficient machine currently carving its way through the regular season toward January.The Rams are hitting their bye week as a 10-1 Super Bowl contender less than two years after those 2016 Rams endured the franchise’s 13th straight non-winning season and 12th straight non-playoff season. They’ve gone 21-7 — including a playoff loss — in the two seasons since that homecoming flop and the subsequent arrival of coach Sean McVay, defensive co-ordinator Wade Phillips and a string of high-profile players from Ndamukong Suh and Marcus Peters to Andrew Whitworth and Brandin Cooks.But Goff, Todd Gurley, Aaron Donald and many key Rams were around in 2016. Even amid the frenzied excitement of their remarkable 54-51 win over the Kansas City Chiefs last Monday night, they still realize how fortunate they are to be on this rocket to the top.“We’ve learned teams sometimes know how to lose, and some teams know how to win,” Goff said. “And we’re starting to learn how to win, and how to win in different ways, whether it’s on the ground, through the air, defence having a shutout, (punter) Johnny (Hekker) punting one down to the 1 like he did. It really brings the whole team together when we can rely on each other in every phase of the game and be that complete team.”The Rams’ efforts to recapture the love and attention of the nation’s second-largest city are getting an enormous boost from McVay’s success, as the fanatical Coliseum crowd attested against the Chiefs. When the Rams open their multi-billion-dollar stadium complex in Inglewood in 21 months, they’ll ride a wave of season ticket sales and corporate interest generated by this burgeoning powerhouse.“You always want to continually do things that make people want to come out and support us, and put out a good product and a team that’s exciting and fun to watch,” McVay said. “I think that’s what these guys are doing. … I think that’s a credit to the fans coming out and supporting us, and obviously the players delivering and making people want to say, ‘That’s pretty fun to watch those guys play, and whenever they’re going at home, let’s go check them out.’”The 32-year-old coach immediately turned one of the NFL’s worst offences into one of its best last year, and he has only honed and improved it this season. Gurley is the NFL’s leader in several statistical categories, while Goff has secured his status as an elite quarterback after putting up the second 400-yard game of his career against Kansas City.The Rams have scored at least 30 points in nine of their 11 games, and they’re coming off the third-highest scoring game in franchise history. McVay’s schemes are an enticing spectacle both for fans in Los Angeles and around the nation.The Rams’ defence has taken some lumps, as every defence does in the modern NFL. But the unit has playmakers who created five takeaways against the Chiefs and did just enough to win, which is all McVay really asks.“I know (high scoring) is what everyone wants to see, but as a defender in this league, we get paid to defend touchdowns,” safety Lamarcus Joyner said after the Rams gave up 51 points and still won. “And we just have to do a better job of that, if we want to be honest with ourselves.”Gurley and Goff are racking up formidable statistics, but Donald’s achievements might be even greater.He leads the NFL with 14 1/2 sacks after dropping Patrick Mahomes twice, forcing fumbles both times. Donald’s impact on opponents’ game plans is remarkable, given that he draws double-team blocking on well more than half of each game’s snaps — and yet he still gets to quarterbacks with incredible regularity.“I think he was well-deserving of Defensive Player of the Year last year, and I think he’s even playing better this year,” McVay said. “I think he’s truly taken his game to a different level. You feel him every single snap. The impact that he makes on the game (is) in so many different ways that maybe don’t even show up on the stat sheet, even though he is putting up these eye-popping numbers where he’s leading the league in sacks and he’s forcing fumbles.”Donald is in striking distance of the NFL record of 22 1/2 sacks by Michael Strahan in 2001.The Rams will chase a first-round bye over the final five weeks of the regular season, starting with road trips to Detroit and Chicago. In another sign of this franchise’s incredible progress, the Rams could clinch their first back-to-back NFC West titles since 1978-79 if the Carolina Panthers beat Seattle this weekend.McVay is using the Rams’ bye week to recharge, but he never gets too far from his job. He plans to spend his Sunday watching football, and he’ll pay particular attention to the game in Charlotte.“We can only control what we can control,” McVay said. “But I wouldn’t be upset if the Panthers came away with a big win this weekend.”___More AP NFL: and Beacham, The Associated Press read more

Pacman Jones Must Pay 11 Million In Damages For

Often-in-trouble Cincinnati Bengals defensive back Adam “Pacman” Jones must pay $11 million in damages to two Las Vegas strip club employees injured in 2007 when a lone gunman claiming he was doing Jones’ bidding opened fire outside the club.Tommy Urbanski, a club manager who was left paralyzed from the waist down, and Aaron Cudworth, a former bouncer who was wounded, stand to collect after the late Friday verdict. Urbanksi’s bones were shattered in the shooting that occurred after Jones and several other people were ejected from the club. The shooter later demanded $15,000 from Jones for “services rendered.”Jones’ lawyer, Lisa Rasmussen, said there is no evidence Jones was behind the shooting. She said Jones, who has played five years in the NFL, didn’t have the cash to cover the award because he won’t receive his first paycheck of the season until September. Rasmussen plans to appeal the verdict.“It’s obviously a devastating amount for him financially,” Rasmussen said. “He has really worked hard to make a comeback with his NFL career. He doesn’t make enough money to pay that judgment.”She said the jury in the civil case likely was swayed by the sympathetic sight of Urbanski in his wheelchair and Jones’ celebrity.“People perceive him as a person who is able to pay $11 million,” she said. “Adam doesn’t even get paid until he plays his first game.”Cudworth’s lawyer, Richard Schonfeld, declared the verdict fair, saying the bouncer continues to grapple with “constant pain from being shot in the chest and arm.” Cudworth was awarded $1.3 million, including $300,000 in punitive damages.“I am pleased that Mr. Jones has finally been held accountable,” Schonfeld said, adding that his client “is pleased to have closure.”Schonfeld said he wasn’t worried about an appeal or Jones’ alleged inability to pay the award.“If he is making money, I am going to be there trying to collect,” Schonfeld said.Urbanski said by telephone Friday evening that he believes the verdict will send a message to athletes and celebrities that they can be held responsible for public “rampaging,” even if they escape criminal charges.“They’ve got to clean up their acts,” he said. “All of them.” read more

Ohio State wrestling not overlooking Michigan as No 1 Penn State looms

Walking into the first practice of the week at the Steelwood Athletic Training Facility, it seems clear the Ohio State wrestling team does not lack confidence. With upcoming matches against rival Michigan and No. 1 Penn State, the Buckeyes are treating this week like any other. “We’re trying to keep everything the same,” said redshirt sophomore Drew Stone. “We did good against Illinois, so we’ll have to replicate everything like that.” Coming off a 25-9 win against the Fighting Illini Friday, the No. 6 Buckeyes (10-2, 4-2 Big Ten) will take on Michigan (8-5, 2-4 Big Ten) and the 2012 national champions, Penn State (9-1, 6-1 Big Ten), over the weekend. In their most recent matches, the Wolverines lost a close match to Purdue, 19-18, while the Nittany Lions crushed Illinois, 37-0. Although Michigan might not pose as big of a threat as Penn State does, OSU redshirt sophomore Logan Stieber said the team is not taking the Wolverines lightly. “We have to be ready for both teams and not be too up or down for the matches,” the defending 133-pound NCAA Champion said. “Penn State is No. 1 so that’s a big matchup, but Michigan is very good too, so we have to make sure we don’t look past them.” OSU coach Tom Ryan could not agree more, saying that the team needs to treat each opponent equally. “We have to prepare for everybody,” Ryan said. “We need to make sure we know what their strengths and weaknesses are and work hard.” Michigan has four wrestlers ranked in the top 20 in their respective weight classes. The Nittany Lions have eight, six of which are in the top five. “Right now they (Penn State) have a couple of individuals that are really good,” Ryan said. “I mean real good. They have a great coach. They’re committed to their program. They’re in a wrestling state. They have a lot of good things going on there but so do we. We look forward to wrestling them.” The Nittany Lions are not the only team with an impressive lineup, as the Buckeyes feature nine wrestlers ranked in the top 20, including two in the top five. Ryan said the Buckeyes will have to take advantage in the 133- and 141-pound weight classes, as those are the only two classes where Penn State does not have a top 20-ranked wrestler. “The lighter weights really have to step up,” Ryan said. “We have to pick up bonus points at 133 and 141.” Those weight classes at OSU are manned by the team’s highest-ranked wrestlers, Stieber, No. 1 at 133-poundsand his brother Hunter Stieber, No. 2 at 141-pounds. However, the Buckeyes will need to hold their ground against Penn State’s upper weight classes of 184- and 197-pounds. OSU redshirt freshman and 16th-ranked Kenny Courts will face off against junior and No. 1-ranked Ed Ruth in the 184-pound weight class. The 197-pound weight class features OSU sophomore and 13th-ranked Andrew Campolattano against No. 3-ranked Quentin Wright, a senior. Overall, Ryan said he wants his team to hold nothing back, as he expects the match to be a close one. “It could come down to a point here, a point there,” Ryan said. “We’re going to need a total team effort to beat these guys.” OSU is scheduled to travel to Ann Arbor to take on Michigan at 6 p.m. Friday and then heads home to battle Penn State at St. John Arena at 4 p.m. Sunday. read more

Officials to conduct fresh survey of Mir Alam tank

first_img• GHMC Rajendranagar circle had demolished some 50 structures terming them as illegal • However, the victims approach HC saying that the structures were built outside the FTL or buffer zone of the lake • With things still hazy, HC asks officials to conduct survey afresh in presence of victims Rajendranagar: Authorities have geared up to conduct survey of Mir Alam lake afresh, following a recent court order to conduct survey towards establishing the actual boundaries of Full Tank Level (FTL) and buffer zone of the historic lake. Also Read – Warrant issued against Renuka Chowdhury in cheating case Advertise With Us The Ranga Reddy district administration, especially the officials of revenue and irrigation departments have geared up to identify and record the FTL afresh. “We communicated to all the concerned departments informing them about the court orders and the scheduled survey to be conducted on July 31 by applying due procedures. According to the court instructions the intended survey will be given wide publicity and advertising through newspapers,” said an official concerned on the condition of anonymity. Also Read – Parts of Hyderabad witness heavy rainfall Advertise With Us It is pertinent to mention here that the Town Plaining Wing of GHMC Rajendranagar took up demolition of about 50 shades at Mir Alam Lake against illegal encroachments on the water body that prompted the victims to approach the High Court. Later, the court issued an order asking the Tahsildar Rajendranagar, R R District and the Superintendent Engineer (Irrigation) to conduct survey of the boundaries to constitute FTL and Buffer Zone of the lake. Advertise With Us According to order, the controversy is with reference to alleged illegal constructions inside FTL or Buffer Zone of the lake most of which were demolished by the GHMC previous month. In the court, the counsel for petitioners argued that the authorities took up the demolition of their properties located in Survey.Nos.295 and 296 while the show cause notice served by the authorities refers to Survey.No.293. As such, the properties under both the survey Nos. 295 and 296, stands outside the FTL and or buffer zone. The government pleader contended that though the Survey Nos 295 and 296 are not mentioned in the show cause notice; they are also a part of FTL and or Buffer Zone itself. Therefore, no construction, manufacturing or production activity, which causes pollution to the water body, can be undertaken. However, there appears to be no clarity on what exactly constitutes the FTL or Buffer Zone, said the court order. The court asked the Tahsildar and the Superintendent Engineer (Irrigation) to conduct the survey in the presence of petitioners. The court further instructed the authorities to file a report before August 8 while asking the petitioners to be present on the disputed site on the date of conducting the survey. Officials hopeful of achieving match with old survey records In accordance with the court orders, the authorities – who already have the maps of the boundaries of FTL and Buffer Zone – are now planning to conduct the survey afresh as per the orders issued by the court. “Although we have with us the maps of actual boundaries that notified few years back, we shall be following the orders of the court,” Informed the official. The commercial shades, the official noted, which were pulled down during the demolition drive comes under the purview of prohibited area according to the maps we have with us. Beside these shades, there are several houses constructed over the years too stands over the water body. “Although we have constructed a boundary wall partially to protect the water body from encroachments, some people barged into the restricted area by taking advantage of the partially build wall and carried out the constructions,” he added. However, until now, no tatam (a mode of announcement to attract the attention of people in older times) has been witnessed by the locals nor are the notices were seen pasted anywhere in the area. “We are yet to see any activity on the ground over the issue, anywhere in the areas around Rajendranagar, neither the notices have been pasted anywhere in the locality,” said Sadiq Bin Salam, a resident of Hassan Nagar.last_img read more

Britiains new PM Boris Johnson has a Turkey lineage

first_imgBritain’s new Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s lineage traces back to the Ottoman Interior Minister, Ali Kemal, according to reports. The locals of Cankiri province have said that they are “proud” of Johnson’s electorial win.”This family has members that can lead the world. This honoured us and made us proud,” Mustafa Bal, a resident of the village of Kalfat in Orta’s Cankiri region told Turkish news agency Demiroren News Agency (DHA).Bal said Johnson’s local heritage is well known in the region and his family is called “Sarioglangiller,” which means “the sons of the blonde ones”.Johnson’s great-grandfather Ali Kemal was an Ottoman Turkish Journalist and politician. He was appointed as the Minister of the Interior in Damat Ferid Pasha’s government in 1919. He was murdered during the Turkish War of Independence.Kemal’s children, living in England, took their maternal grandmother’s maiden name ‘Johnson.’ His son Osman Wilfred Johnson married Irene Williams and their son Stanley Johnson (Boris’s father), who is an environment and pollution studies expert and a former politician, represented the Conservative Party between 1979 to 1984Local supportThe newspaper said locals have followed Johnson’s political trajectory from his position as a Mayor to the 2019 UK elections following Theresa May’s departure.Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also spoke of UK-Turkey ties with Johnson’s win. He said “I congratulate Boris Johnson, who became the U.K.’s 77th prime minister, and wish him success in his new position,” he wrote. “I believe Turkish-United Kingdom relations will develop further in this new era.”When Johnson held the position of Mayor of London from 2008 to 2016, locals even invited him to Kalfat, said Bal. He also added that many residents wanted to witness Johnson’s premiership as well. While most villagers congratulated Johnson for his win, including village head Bayram Tavukcu, another resident, Salim Bariskan said that the people are expecting Johnson to help solve the problems in the village. Close IBTimes VideoRelated VideosMore videos Play VideoPauseMute0:00/1:03Loaded: 0%0:01Progress: 0%Stream TypeLIVE-1:03?Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedSubtitlessubtitles settings, opens subtitles settings dialogsubtitles off, selectedAudio Trackdefault, selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window. COPY LINKAD Loading …center_img Boris Johnson Elected Next UK Prime Ministerlast_img read more

Discovery VR Oculus Veterans Launch New ARVR Studio Tomorrow Never Knows EXCLUSIVE

first_imgWith their new company, the four now want to combine Unseld’s and Arora’s story-telling chops with the experience in programming and deal-making that Brown and Lofthouse are bringing to the table. “Deal-making and monetization takes a lot of creativity as well,” Brown said.That’s especially true for a new medium that was initially received with a lot of enthusiasm, but has struggled to reach a wider audience beyond a small group of early adopters. “The (headset) market is growing not as fast as we hoped,” admitted Brown. However, he argued that over-confident projections had made way to what he called “irrational pessimism.”Unseld said that the company was approaching these challenges clear-eyed, especially with regards to the commercial potential for headsets bought by early adopters. “Right now, monetization for that is naive,” he said. Out-of home on the other hand was a completely different story, he said. “Location-based VR is huge.”That’s a sentiment that’s currently echoed by many, whether it’s VR game studios like Survios or immersive location-based entertainment startups like The Void. In Tomorrow Never Knows’ case, location-based entertainment also includes working with cultural institutions, festivals and more.Case in point: “The Day the World Changed,” one of the studio’s first two announced productions, premieres at Tribeca this week. The interactive experience shines a light on nuclear weapons and the aftermath of the attack on Hiroshima, and was produced in partnership with the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.In addition to “The Day the World Changed,” the company has also produced “ZIKR: A Sufi Revival,” a VR documentary about Sufism that was acquired by Dogwoof at Sundance earlier this year. ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15 Tomorrow Never Knows also aims to build tools to simplify the production of VR. “We are about creating unique tools and experiences along the way,” Brown said. Unseld added that this was very much an answer to the infancy of the industry itself, which often relies on tools build with other uses cases in mind. “Otherwise, our hands are bound behind our back,” he said.As for the name, Unseld said that Tomorrow Never Knows is meant to express a childlike sense of excitement about the future. “These days it feels like each new day gives us new technology to play with, and not since I was a kid was I as excited to wake up in the morning to find out what new presents this day would hold,” he said. Four virtual reality (VR) veterans from Discovery Digital, Oculus Story Studio and Lightshed officially launched their new company out of stealth mode in San Francisco this week. Dubbed Tomorrow Never Knows, the new studio aims to use virtual and augmented reality as well as other emerging technologies including artificial intelligence for groundbreaking storytelling projects, said co-founder and CEO Nathan Brown in an interview with Variety this week.“The thesis behind the company is to consistently violate the limits of storytelling, forcing the creation of new tools, methodologies and workflow and to do this intentionally so we create original creative and technology IP,” he said.Before founding Tomorrow Never Knows, Brown co-founded Discovery VR, which has become one of the most ambitious network-backed VR outlets. Also hailing from Discovery VR is Tomorrow Never Knows co-founder Tom Lofthouse. They are joined by Gabo Arora, whose previous work as the founder of both Lightshed and the United Nations’ Virtual Reality program UNVR included VR documentaries like “Clouds Over Sidra” and “Waves of Grace.” Fourth founding partner is Oculus Story Studio co-founder Sachka Unseld, the director of the Emmy Award-winning VR animation short “Henry” and the Emmy-nominated VR film “Dear Angelica.” Popular on Variety last_img read more

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first_img News | Contrast Media | February 28, 2018 Guerbet Presents Contrast&Care Injection Management Solution at ECR 2018 February 28, 2018 — Guerbet will present its new Contrast&Care application, as well as other… read more News | Contrast Media | October 10, 2017 Guerbet to Participate in French Interventional Radiology Conference Guerbet announced it will be taking part in the 65th edition of the Journées Francophones de Radiologie (JFR) that will… read more News | Interventional Radiology | December 12, 2018 Guerbet Showcases Diagnostic and Interventional Imaging Solutions at RSNA 2018 Guerbet LLC USA highlighted new and next-level product offerings and partnerships in contrast media, injectors,… read more Example of full-dose, 10 percent low-dose and algorithm-enhanced low-dose. Image courtesy of Enhao Gong, Ph.D. Feature | Contrast Media Injectors | March 07, 2018 | Grand View Research Inc. Contrast Media Injectors A $1.4 B Market by 2025 The global contrast media injectors market is expected to reach $1.4 billion by 2025, growing at a compound annual… read more TriHealth in Cincinnati. Sponsored Content | Case Study | Contrast Media Injectors | March 06, 2018 The Power In Prefilled Syringes The continuing search for advantages to improve workflow has radiology departments constantly searching for new… read more Sponsored Content | Case Study | Contrast Media Injectors | April 13, 2017 Experience at 3 Sites Utilizing Syringe-Less Contrast Injectors The volume of computed tomography (CT) imaging exams continues to grow in the United States,[2] adding pressure to… read more Related Contentcenter_img Technology | Contrast Media Injectors | December 05, 2018 Guerbet Launches Multi-Use OptiVantage Contrast Media Injector in Europe Contrast agent company Guerbet recently announced that the OptiVantage multi-use contrast media injector is now CE… read more Feature | Contrast Media Injectors | April 11, 2019 | By Jeff Zagoudis Using Artificial Intelligence to Reduce Gadolinium Contrast One of the most controversial issues in radiology in recent years has been the use of… read more GU12171120 Sponsored Content | Case Study | Contrast Media Injectors | April 02, 2019 The Power In Prefilled Syringes The continuing search for advantages to improve workflow has radiology departments constantly searching for new solut read more News | Contrast Media | July 17, 2017 ACR Offers Revised Contrast Media in Imaging Manual The American College of Radiology (ACR) recently revised its authoritative guide for the safe and effective use of… read more News | August 06, 2008 MEDRAD Installs First Intego PET Infusion System August 7, 2008 – MEDRAD Inc. completed today the first installation of its Intego PET Infusion System at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), Hillman Cancer Center. MEDRAD has partnered with IBA Molecular which will supply UPMC with Fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) in a multi-dose vial housed in a specially-designed Tungsten vial shield. Use of this system is said to minimize the need to manually prepare and handle individual FDG doses, significantly reducing potential radiation exposure to hospital personnel. The Intego System automates the administration of FDG for Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography (PET/CT) imaging procedures. By automating and controlling FDG dosing and infusion, the Intego System is designed to precisely and safely administer FDG to patients throughout the day.The Intego System automatically extracts a patient dose from a multi-dose vial and administers the dose, via infusion, directly to the patient; minimizing the need for manual dose preparation and associated handling, as well as protecting the technologist from the corresponding radiation exposure. With the Intego System’s dose-on-demand capability, the prescribed dose may be administered when the patient and technologist are ready, enabling technologists to easily and efficiently respond to schedule changes, patient delays, and add-on patients.MEDRAD recently received U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance for the Intego PET Infusion System.For more information: and FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享last_img read more