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Trinamool MLA gets into altercation with GJM lawmakers during Presidential polls

first_imgA controversy erupted during elections to the office of the President in the West Bengal Legislative Assembly on Monday when a Trinamool Congress (TMC) MLA got into an altercation with the legislators of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha ( GJM) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).TMC MLA Paresh Pal took a swipe at the GJM MLAs saying that after setting the hills on fire they have come to Kolkata to vote. Rohit Sharma, the GJM MLA from Kurseong dared the Trinamool MLA to come to the hills and make the statement.After BJP MLA and State president Dilip Ghosh intervened, Mr Pal directed his ire towards him.“It is because of him, Dilip Ghosh that the hills are on fire…You are being spared because of the mercy of Mamata di, otherwise we would have taught you a lesson,” Mr Pal, who represent Beleghata Assembly segment in north Kolkata said.”We are aware of the fact that Darjeeling is on boil. But we are colleagues and we should have mutual respect for each other. Shouting and accusing shows the mentality,” GJM MLA from Darjeeling Amar Singh Rai said.Dilip Ghosh said that such language was unimaginable, coming from a lawmaker.last_img read more

Police notice seeking immediate consent for post-mortem triggers fresh fear in Rajasthan village

first_imgEven as the family of dairy farmer Umar Khan is struggling to come to terms with his killing in Alwar district of Rajasthan last week while transporting cows, a police notice demanding immediate consent for a post-mortem has caused fresh fear and hostility in Ghatmika village, situated on the Rajasthan-Haryana border.Since the November 10 gunning down of Umar, 35, allegedly by some cow vigilantes, his two companions have not returned to the village, 95 km from Bharatpur, for fear of arrest. They have been booked by the police on the charge of cow smuggling,The notice, served on Wednesday by the Govindgarh police station on the family, demanded its consent for Umar’s autopsy, failing which, it said, the police would conduct a post-mortem and bury the body after performing the rituals.Family demands arrest of culprits, compensationA deadlock on the post-mortem has been persisting in Jaipur, with Umar’s relatives insisting on the arrest of all culprits and a compensation of Rs. 50 lakh.“We are at a loss to decide what to do. My son was murdered for no fault [of his]. He had borrowed ₹15,000 from some acquaintances to buy a milch cow for his children, but was mercilessly killed,” 80-year-old Shahabuddin, Umar’s father, told The Hindu. The family had three goats and it decided to purchase a cow for its dairy occupation.The family has a small land holding of half bigha, which is insufficient to serve its needs. Umar’s cousin, Javed Khan, said he had settled for a cow instead of a buffalo, as the latter costs Rs.70,000, and the excess milk could be sold after feeding the large family. “We never thought that the transport of cows for a bona fide purpose could be given the twist of cow smuggling,” he said.Maqsood (18), the eldest among Umar Khan’s eight children, was unable to say how he would take care of his mother and siblings. “I spoke to him [my father] around noon that day when I was in Bengaluru in a truck to train as a driver. He was excited as he was investing money in buying a cow for the first time,” he said. He rushed back to Ghatmika on hearing of his father’s death and found his mother, Khurshidan, in iddat (seclusion) and grandparents, relatives and neighbours in mourning.Father expects job for grandsonMr. Shahabuddin said a job for his grandson was the minimum he expected from the government. He rubbished the claim that his son and his associates were transporting cows for slaughter. “You will find cows, buffaloes and goats in each of the 400 households in this village. We never eat cow meat.”The house comprises two rooms with a thatched roof and has a large courtyard. Amid the crowd of villagers and some Meo Muslim leaders from Alwar, Mr. Shahabuddin’s wife lay on a cot after being injected with sedatives. Ms. Khurshidan is pregnant with her ninth child.Ghatmika sarpanch Shaukat Khan said the villagers had their own suspicions on the part of the policemen at Govindgarh. “The police booked fellow travellers Tahir Khan and Javed in a cow smuggling case, but were silent on Umar Khan’s whereabouts for two days. Only after making multiple rounds of Govindgarh and Ramgarh police stations, we were told that his body had been found on the railway track and sent to Alwar.”Despite the lack of assurance from the government — no officer has visited Ghatmika since November 10 — Umar Khan’s family is hopeful of getting justice after the impasse over the post-mortem gets resolved. Neighbours bring food for the family, which is waiting for the body for burial in the village graveyard.last_img read more

Dangerous to write off MS Dhoni: David Boon to India Today

first_imgHe wasn’t the most conventional of batsmen but mighty effective. Without having the physique of an athlete, his reflex action, fielding close in was second to none. Former Australian batsman David Boon was all grit and it’s not surprising when asked to comment about unorthodox MS Dhoni’s success story. (Team India safe under leadership of Dhoni and Kohli: KL Rahul to India Today)When asked if Dhoni’s finishing prowess is on the wane, Boon strongly disagreed.”It’s very dangerous to write MS Dhoni off. He is a wonderful player and been an exceptional captain for India. He is one of the best finishers in the world I have seen. It’s difficult to write him off at any stage,” Boon told India Today. (Dhoni still the best finisher in the world: Rahane to India Today)Asked if his inability to finish off matches of late leaves a question mark over his future, Boon said let Dhoni be the best judge.”I am sure like many others over the years, Dhoni will know when his time is up. He deserves to go when he wants to, that’s my personal opinion. He will know when to go and will make the right decision,” he opined. (Dhoni and Kohli are different characters: Glenn McGrath to India Today)’KOHLI BEST IN THE BUSINESS’However like Dhoni himself, Boon is convinced Virat Kohli is one of the best in the business today.”Virat is an aggressive batsman. The key for him is he can deliver in tough situations for the team and in all conditions. He scores across formats and can get runs overseas; a fantastic player,” Boon said.advertisement’KOHLI HAS SHADES OF PONTING’However, he refused to get into comparisons across generations. When asked Boon if Virat’s demeanour is more Ricky Ponting – like and his records could potentially scale Sachin Tendulkar’s?”Maybe, it’s an opinion that there are shades of Ponting. For me it’s difficult to compare eras and players across generations. Sachin was one the best players in the world during his time, Virat is one of the best of his time,” he said. (Test side can regain top spot in rankings: MS Dhoni)Boon will be doing match refereeing duties in the upcoming New Zealand tour of India and will get to see Dhoni and Virat perform at close quarters.Boon would be hoping he would only see them on the field and not too much in his chambers. So long as cricketers keep it that way, he can silently appreciate good cricket even while on duty.last_img read more

Russian Cruise Operators Launch St. Petersburg Association

first_imgzoom Russia’s cruise operators Arctur Travel, Baltic Travel, Inflot Worldwide, St. Peter Line and Passenger port of St. Petersburg established the Cruise Industry Leaders Association of St. Petersburg to develop cruise tourism in Russia, raise awareness about cruises among citizens of the country and to promote St. Petersburg as a major cruise and ferry destination on an international level.The association says it will strive to create conditions for efficient work of market players, contribute to the development of special target programs facilitating cruise industry growth, work out proposals and recommendations for tourist industry development, organize scheduled cruise industry events, and encourage joint discussions and coordination of market players’ activities.The new association is expected to improve current cruise tourism position in Russia and create new opportunities for industry growth. The association will start operation after the official registration with the Ministry of Justice of Russia.Image: Baltic Cruise Associationlast_img read more

Footage shows Bangkok bombing in mall minutes from ASEAN summit

first_imgBangkok: Footage emerged Saturday of the moment a bomb exploded in a Bangkok mall as the city hosted a major summit, the device apparently hidden inside a cuddly toy animal. There were nine successful or attempted bomb blasts on Friday throughout Bangkok which left four wounded as the city hosted a regional summit attended by top diplomats, including US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Footage showed an explosion in a shopping mall minutes from the summit venue in the early hours of Friday morning, after it was apparently planted by a man dressed in a student’s uniform about 12 hours earlier. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince ‘snubbed’ Pak PM, recalled jet from US The man, wearing a fedora and face mask, entered a store in Siam Square mall at around 3:30 pm on Thursday, according to time stamps on the footage obtained by AFP. Milling around the store, he stopped at a shelf full of cuddly toy seals and polar bears and fiddled with one of them for a few seconds before placing it back on the shelf. The next video recordings showed an explosion in the store originating from the shelf around 4:45 am on Friday morning, which caused a fire and a swirl of smoke as the store’s sprinkler system was activated. Also Read – Record number of 35 candidates in fray for SL Presidential polls No one was injured and police confirmed the bomb blast. “The staff from the … store filed a complaint with the police about the blast yesterday,” Colonel Thammanoon Boonruang told AFP Saturday, declining to comment on whether it was one of the nine explosions authorities confirmed. The store remained closed on Saturday. Speculation swirled in Thailand about the motive behind the bombings, with many linking them to retaliation from the insurgency-hit south for the recent arrest of a rebel suspect who was left in a coma after arriving at a notorious army camp. A preliminary army-led probe showed that Abdulloh Esormusor, 34, could have been suffocated. Thailand has a grim history of political violence, and remains deeply divided after a controversial March election which returned junta chief Prayut Chan-O-Cha to power as a civilian premier. Its three southernmost provinces bordering Malaysia, which are predominantly Muslim-Malay, are also in a grip of a 15-year conflict, where a shadowy rebel group has agitated for more autonomy outside of the Buddhist-majority Thai state. So far, two men linked to the conflict-hit region were arrested hours after wires and ball bearings were found in an inactive device outside Thai police headquarters late Thursday. But police said it was “too early” to clearly tie them to the rebellion.last_img read more

Like magic Delicate fossil of oldest baby snake found in amber

first_imgEDMONTON – It curves elegantly, its delicate bones looking as if they could easily slither out of the amber encasing them into the forest undergrowth that would have been home.The oldest fossil of a baby snake ever found leaves University of Alberta paleontologist Tiago Rodrigues Simoes in awe.“It’s like magic,” he said.Simoes, with fellow paleontologist Mike Caldwell, describes their 100-million-year baby in an article published in the journal Science Advances on Wednesday.The snake skeleton, less than five centimetres long, is almost complete except for the skull. Entombed in a chunk of amber about the size of an adult thumb, it includes 97 tiny vertebrae, most with their feathery ribs still attached.The sample comes from Myanmar, where amber quarries have been around for decades. Caldwell said the snake was discovered in a quarry that was only opened a couple of years ago.Amber, fossilized tree resin, usually holds ancient bugs and beetles. This quarry, Caldwell said, has a high concentration of vertebrates.The paleontologists’ attention was first drawn to the amber by a colleague in Saskatchewan, who was interested in what seemed to be pieces of snakeskin within it. That turned out to be true, but a little ho-hum.“It’s kind of cool,” said Caldwell. “But you can’t tell much of a story with a piece of shed snakeskin, even if it’s got colour on it, or at least light and dark patterning.”A couple of months later, the colleague called back. He’d had a chance to examine the sample more closely and thought what was first identified as a centipede looked more like a snake.The team went at it with sophisticated imaging technology from CT scans to synchrotrons. Without removing the fossil from the amber, they laid bare its smallest details.“The beauty of this thing is that you can actually see it’s a brand-new baby snake,” Caldwell said. “It’s the interior details that make it clear.“I’ve learned critical details about snake development.”It turns out that ancient snakes formed much the same way modern ones do.The fossilized baby snake’s spinal cord was still turning into bone in the same way those of its descendants still do. The fossil also showed the beginnings of other features found in adult snakes that were growing exactly as they do in contemporary snakelets.“We have some of the major elements of development constant,” Simoes said. “Maybe it’s common to all of them in their early evolutionary history.”Perhaps just as important is what else was found in the amber — many examples of bugs and debris that would be found on a forest floor.The baby is the first one to prove that snakes lived in forests, too, fleshing out understanding of both ancient reptile and forest ecology.“It is an ancient form of super glue,” Caldwell said. “That’s the magic of amber.“The marvellous thing about amber is that it falls out of a tree and it hits whatever was at the bottom of the tree. It picks up the bugs and the plants and the bug poop. And the baby snakes.“We’re not ever going to get that in the rock record.”— Follow Bob Weber on Twitter at @row1960last_img read more

US VisaFree Travel Ride in Europe Over

Toronto – Ending a dispute that began three years ago, the European Union has voted to rescind visa-free travel to European Union member countries for Americans.It was discovered in 2014 that five countries including the US, Australia, Japan, Brunei and Canada, were not honouring their reciprocity agreements with EU members regarding visa-free travel.Since then, each of these countries has either rectified the situation or is about to do so. All that is, except the US. The non-binding resolution passed by the European Parliament (EP) is in direct retaliation for the fact that the US has, to date, refused to budge on the matter. Currently US citizens can travel amid the EU’s 28 member countries unencumbered by the need for a travel visa. Citizens of 5 EU countries, however, do not have that luxury themselves. These include Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Cyprus and Poland.The EP vote calls for the implementation of the visa requirement to begin within two months. It means that American travels will have to apply for additional paperwork, at an additional cost, to travel within the EU.It also means that the European Commission has two months to act before MEPs will be able to consider taking action in the European Court of Justice.Observers are sure of one thing; US President Donald Trump has yet another fight on his hands.MEPs urged the Commission to adopt the necessary legal measures “within two months” on Thursday.A spokesperson for the European Commission spoke to IBTimes UK, saying “Our approach of continued engagement and patient diplomatic contacts brought tangible results with Canada. Our assessment of the situation with the US has not changed and we will continue our discussions.”The spokesman continued, promising “a report on further progress before the end of June.” read more

Columbus Blue Jackets lose fifth in a row fall to New York

Michael Chaput (39) of the Columbus Blue Jackets and Mats Zuccarello (36) of the New York Rangers battle for a puck during a game at Nationwide Arena Nov. 7. The Rangers won, 4-2. Credit: Courtesy of MCTGiven the directions the Columbus Blue Jackets and New York Rangers have been sliding lately, it hardly comes as a surprise that the decisive goal Thursday came off a Columbus stick and into their own net.Mark Letestu failed to control the puck to the right of Columbus goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky, watching in horror as it slid into past the posts. The goal, credited to Carl Hagelin – his second of the night – turned out to be the difference in a 4-2 decision, as the Rangers won their fifth game of their last six contests to improve to 8-8-0.“That was embarrassing hockey tonight, and to me that’s losing hockey, the way we played. We got exactly what we deserved,” Jackets coach Todd Richards said after the loss.The loss was the Jackets’ fifth in a row, dropping them to 5-10-0 overall in front of a modest but lively crowd of just under 12,000 at Nationwide Arena.“We shouldn’t have to talk about [the effort], but unfortunately right now we’re talking about it…we should hold each other to a high standard and be able to know that the guy sitting next to us in the dressing room is going to go out and perform and do his job and do everything he can to help the team win,” Jackets center Brandon Dubinsky said.There was no shortage of familiar faces on either bench, as the two teams met for the first time since a pair of blockbuster trades between them during last season. Former Jackets Derek Dorsett, Derick Brassard, and John Moore – each acquired in the trade deadline deal for Marion Gaborik – made their return to Nationwide Arena, while Gaborik, along with Rick Nash trade acquisitions Dubinsky and Artem Anisimov faced their former teammates for the first time.Nash, the Blue Jackets franchise leader in nearly every offensive category, was unable to make his return to the ice in Columbus as he continues to deal with concussion-related issues. Nash has only been able to play in three games this season.Hagelin got the scoring started early in the first, when he deflected a shot past Bobrovsky and into the net. The Jackets answered back late in the period, with defenseman Fedor Tyutin sneaking one past Rangers backup goalie Cam Talbot. Talbot started in place of star goaltender Henrik Lundqvist, who did not play after the Rangers’ victory Wednesday against the Penguins.In the second period, it was again a deflected shot early in the period that put the Rangers back in front, when captain Ryan Callahan registered his second goal in as many nights. After Letestu’s own goal put the Rangers up 3-1, Jackets rookie defenseman Ryan Murray answered back with a goal off an assist from James Wisniewski – the 200th point of Wisniewski’s career.However, the Jackets were unable to break through and tie the game in the third period, eventually surrendering a goal on an empty net by Ryan McDonagh that put the game away.“We had the same start last year.  I know it’s not ideal, but we’ve got to take a step back tomorrow and regroup, and figure out how we can win here Saturday…times like this test the character of the individual, but you can’t let yourself get down,” Jackets defenseman Jack Johnson said.Richards did not agree with Johnson’s assessment of using last season’s turnaround as motivation, however.“It’s a different year. It’s different. We’ve got different players. An 82 game schedule. It’s different,” Richards said.The Jackets will attempt to get back on track at Nationwide Arena when they take on the New York Islanders Saturday. That puck is scheduled to drop at 7 p.m. read more

Six Irish children sent to psychiatric units abroad in last two years

first_img Apr 3rd 2017, 12:05 AM By Cianan Brennan Short URL St Andrew’s, Northampton Source: Channel 4/DispatchesCHILD AND FAMILY agency Tusla has placed six children into psychiatric care in secure facilities abroad in the past two years.Three of those children were placed in a facility at St Andrew’s in Northampton, northern England, last year.St Andrew’s, one of Britain’s largest psychiatric hospitals, was the subject of a recent Channel 4 Dispatches documentary, Under Lock and Key, which suggested that serious concerns exist for relatives as to how residents there are being treated.That documentary found that a significant number of residents at the hospital are living with autism and had specific needs which were not being met.Regarding the placing of children by Tusla in institutions abroad, no such collated records for these kind of placements exist for 2014 so no comparison can be made for that year.Prior to 2014, records on such out-of-state placements are held by the HSE, according to Tusla.“There are a small number of children who require specialised care as a result of their life experiences. On rare occasions the level of specialised intervention required is not available in Ireland,” a spokesperson for Tusla told such cases, a child or young person may be placed in out-of-State care at a facility abroad which offers a broader range of treatment options, support and/or interventions than those provided in Irish facilities.The spokesperson confirmed that in 2016 three children were placed at St Andrew’s, and that “overall since the start of 2015, six children have been placed in secure mental health facilities abroad.”When asked how many children were placed abroad prior to 2015 the response was “national collection of this data only began in late 2014 and so we don’t have directly comparable figures” for previous years. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 20 Comments center_img Share1616 Tweet Email6 26,638 Views Six Irish children sent to psychiatric units abroad in last two years Three children were last year placed at a facility in northern England that was the subject of a recent, highly-critical documentary concerning the standard of care delivered there. Tusla headquarters, at the Brunel Building in Dublin’s South Quarter Source: Sam Boal/Rollingnews.ieHigh Court orderSuch placements generally result from a High Court order, the thinking being that Irish facilities can not give the children in question the level of care that they require.In making such placements the High Court, according to Tusla, requires a clinical recommendation by a HSE / child and adolescent mental health services psychiatrist and will stipulate that arrangements are in place to ensure ongoing clinical oversight by a psychiatrist from the relevant mental health service in Ireland.While three of the six children sent abroad have been confirmed as living at St Andrew’s in 2016, Tusla did not respond to a request for information as to whereabouts the other three children were placed.The broadcasting of the Dispatches investigation has led to strong criticism of the facility at St Andrew’s regarding the treatment of children in its care.In the Channel 4 documentary, one girl focused upon, 19-year-old Fauzia Yasmin Hussain, was revealed to have lived much of the 22-month period she spent at St Andrew’s segregated from the rest of the population.Another young boy living with autism, Matthew Garnett, was placed in isolation 11 times in five months.Four other patients were discovered to have died in the space of seven months after being prescribed a drug called Clozapine.A September 2016 Care Quality Commission report meanwhile suggested the standard of care at the hospital “requires improvement”, and reported that the use of a technique known as prone restraint (face-down restraint) had been used 600 times at the facility between September 2015 and February 2016 alone.In the Dispatches documentary, St Andrew’s vigorously defended itself regarding the standard of care given, with the issue of prone restraint for example dismissed as being used as a last resort only.Tusla, for its part, has described St Andrew’s as being “highly regulated”.“Children with difficult life experiences and mental health difficulties require the highest possible standard of multi-agency, tailored care and support to ensure their specific needs are met. Tusla and the HSE are committed to working together to ensure this,” the spokesperson said.Whilst Tusla is satisfied with the care provided to the young people currently placed at the facility, we will be meeting with St Andrew’s Healthcare and seeking further assurances in relation to the current practices at the facility.Read: Woman with intellectual disabilties left in foster home for two years after claims of sexual abuseRead: Litany of errors by child services saw woman’s claims of serious sexual abuse ‘lost’ for over three years Monday 3 Apr 2017, 12:05 AMlast_img read more

Gotham Signs Off for Winter with a Twisted Disturbing Circus

first_img Well, that was something. I thought playing Face/Off with Jerome last week was messed up enough, but Gotham was apparently just getting started. Last night’s episode was everything you’d want out of a midseason finale from this show. It had plenty of action, moved the story forward in some significant ways, and it cemented Jerome/the Joker as the scariest villain on the show.Gotham‘s midseason finale began immediately following the end of last week’s episode. Gotham City’s power has been cut off, allowing the citizens to run wild. Jerome appears to have similar motivations to The Joker in The Dark Knight. He wants to prove that everyone, deep down, is like him. They just need an excuse to act out. We don’t see much of that happening, though, maybe because normal citizens who go outside during the power outage are put in Jerome’s horrific circus. We’ll get to that later.For now, the GCPD is being overrun by clowns. It may be too much for the cops to handle, but they appear to be getting as many in cells as they can. Since Bullock is overwhelmed with phone calls from terrified citizens, Gordon must stop Jerome on his own. And since Lee was the last person he talked to… Well, it wouldn’t be an episode of Gotham without a tense, bitter conversation with Gordon’s ex, now would it?Morena Baccarin in GOTHAM (Credit: Jessica Miglio/FOX.)Lee tells him that the last thing Jerome remembers before dying was that he’s about to kill Bruce Wayne. Gordon runs to the manor, but he’s too late. Jerome and a few henchmen beat him there. Bruce can buy himself some time by convincing Jerome that he needs an audience. Jerome takes Bruce away but leaves Alfred to be killed by the henchmen. Fortunately, Gordon arrives just in time to fight off the goons and save Alfred’s life. The two men track Jerome and Bruce down.Jerome has taken Bruce to his nightmare carnival. All the rides and games you’d expect from a normal carnival are there, but with a sadistic twist. Hit the target and you drop a man into a piranha tank. Play Whack-A-Mole, only with real people. (The blood spatter after this game was shows was especially chilling for some reason.) Once Jerome figures he’s traumatized Bruce enough, it’s time to kill him. He handcuffs the boy to a pole and aims a cannon at him. Fortunately, Alfred and Gordon bust up the party and start punching clowns. That gives Bruce just enough of a distraction to pick open his handcuffs.The cannon goes off, and it looks to Alfred like Bruce didn’t survive. But Bruce Wayne can’t be killed by a cannon. That would go against canon. (Not sorry.) He escapes and leads Jerome into a hall of mirrors. The first showdown between The Joker and proto-Batman is pretty spectacular. Bruce frustrates Jerome by having him waste bullets shooting at mirrors. When Jerome throws down the gun, Bruce tackles him from behind. After a brief struggle, Bruce ends up on top and beats the absolute crap out of Jerome, tearing up his stapled-on face in the process. All the while, Jerome is laughing. It isn’t until Bruce sees himself about to kill Jerome that he realizes he doesn’t want to be a murderer.Donal Logue, Sean Pertwee and Ben McKenzie in GOTHAM (Credit: Jessica Miglio/FOX.)He stops, picks himself up, and goes outside to find Alfred. As the two hug, Jerome comes out with a gun, about to kill them both. Gordon steps up and punches Jerome so hard his face flies off. There’s a disturbing image to haunt your nightmares for the next few months. Thanks, Gotham! It does lead to Bullock’s best line all season: “At least you can say you punched a guy’s face off.” Back at Wayne Manor, Alfred talks to Bruce about rules he’ll have to follow if he wants to protect Gotham. Bruce swears he will not kill and Alfred gets up to continue his training. We’re getting closer to Batman!Elsewhere in the city, Ed Nygma’s plan finally comes to fruition. He reveals everything to Penguin and ties him to a hood of a car. He’s rigged up a bucket to dump acid all over Penguin as soon as a block of ice melts. Penguin tries to tell Nygma that he loves him, but Nygma doesn’t believe it. If Penguin truly loved him, he would have sacrificed his happiness and not killed Isabella. Nygma leaves Penguin to die, but he’s rescued by a slightly dimwitted cop.Back at his home, Penguin is accosted by Tabitha, Barbara, and Butch. They claim they don’t need Nygma anymore and want Penguin’s help to draw him out. If Penguin helps, they’ll let him live. He finally understands what Nygma meant about love being a sacrifice, and refuses to give Nygma up. Nygma walks out of the shadows, having listened to everything. It turns out this was all a ploy to prove that Penguin’s love wasn’t real. Nygma doesn’t know how to react when he sees he was wrong. But of course, this love story doesn’t have a happy ending. Penguin still killed Isabella. Nygma takes him to a dock, shoots him and leaves him for dead in the river. Penguin looks pretty dead, but come on. They’re not going to kill off a major Batman villain like that, right? He’ll be back.Guest star James Remar in GOTHAM (Credit: Jessica Miglio/FOX)Gotham closed out the first half of it season with on hell of a strong episode. Both main plots were engrossing and ended in a satisfying way, which is rare for this show. Jerome’s circus was legitimately disturbing, as was the way Gordon brought him down. Gotham managed to tell a pretty great Joker story, and Cameron Monaghan is perfect for the part. His sense of comedic timing makes you laugh even while he’s scaring the pants off you. It might be a while before we see him again, but I’m already looking forward to more Jerome.The last few moments were spent setting up the rest of the season. The Court of Owls is back, having trained the Bruce Wayne clone (remember him?) for some kind of mission. They also send Gordon’s uncle out to throw another wrench into Jim’s life as well. But the most exciting thing we have to look forward to in the second half of the season is The Riddler. Nygma has (for all intents and purposes) killed the Penguin. Now, he can become the villain we’ve been waiting for since season one. We’ll all get to see what riddles he has in store when the show returns in… April? How are we supposed to wait that long? NYCC 18: The Cast of Gotham On Bane, Batman and Saying GoodbyeDC TV Comes to NYCC, Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Grin & More DC News Stay on targetlast_img read more

Portable Raspberry Pi PC Fits Into Empty Altoids Tin

first_img You can still find Altoids on most supermarket shelves: Take your pick of peppermint, wintergreen, spearmint, and cinnamon. The curiously strong mints, however, have never been flavored with Raspberry Pi—until now.Developer Matt Wagner has built an almost entirely self-contained processor inside a 1.76-ounce mint tin.“The idea of having a computer in an Altoids tin came to me back … in early 2012, shortly after the original Raspberry Pi came out,” the creator wrote in a blog post. “With the release of the Pi Zero, this became a possibility.”The recreational inventor actually built two versions of the machine—the first with an infrared camera, which was discarded to make room for a rechargeable 2,500mAh battery in the final model.Follow Wagner’s step-by-step guide online to build your own quirky computer, complete with a 2-inch screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 32GB of storage, and a full-size USB port. The thin battery, situated under the Pi in the case, promises six to eight hours of use.Half the size of the Model A+, the Raspberry Pi Zero features a reduced input/output and general-purpose input/output capabilities but costs only $5.“The Pi also has a micro HDMI port, so if you do need/want to hook it up to a larger screen, you can,” Wagner wrote.“Enjoy, and find cool uses for it,” he added, encouraging tinkerers to use the “PiMiniMint” as a base for other projects, and “feel free to email me about it.”Since their US launch in 1918, Altoids’ distinctive cases have been recycled for various purposes (I used them to store Polaroid i-Zone instant photos in middle school).Some electronics makers have taken the tins into consideration when building new products: Texas Instruments’ BeagleBone single board computer’s rounded corners deliberately fit into the pocket-sized box. And the RCA 1802-based Membership Card microcomputer kit is tailor-made for an Altoids container.The CMoy pocket headphone amplifier, meanwhile, can be assembled in the 200-year-old packaging. Stay on target Lyra Is a Handheld Gaming System Powered by a Raspberry PiRaspberry Pi Used to Steal 500 MB of NASA Data last_img read more

Waze Carpool now lets drivers quickly add more riders

first_imgChevrolet CorvetteMoving up from the 10th-place slot last year is the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette. While we’ve all been ogling the new mid-engine Corvette, it’s easy to forget what a performance bargain the current-generation ‘Vette is. From the base trim to the Grand Sport to the bonkers ZR1, the Corvette is an American icon.My preference is for the Grand Sport, which strikes a perfect balance between everyday drivability and canyon-carving performance. The 6.2-liter V8 puts out 460 horsepower and 465 pound-feet of torque. You can get it with a seven-speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmission, but the kicker is the borrowed chassis and aero parts from the beefier Z06. Like I said, perfect balance. The Corvette is made in Bowling Green, Kentucky. 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe review: Stylish and sure-footed Honda OdysseyThe feature-rich Honda Odyssey minivan also retains its number-two slot from last year’s list. While the 2019 model doesn’t see any changes from last, it’s still a darn good choice for families on the go with reconfigurable seats, Wi-Fi and an excellent rear-seat entertainment system. The Cabin Watch video system lets parents keep an eye on their little darlings without turning around in their seats, while Cabin Talk amplifies their voice so no yelling is required.The Odyssey is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 rated for 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque. Most trims get a nine-speed automatic but the top Touring and Elite trims now use a 10-speed automatic with stop-start technology. The Honda Odyssey is made in Lincoln, Alabama. 3 Car Games and Apps,Enlarge ImageIt’s all in a day’s work for the Jeep Cherokee, the most American-made car in 2019. Jeep With high trade tensions looming and increasing talk of tariffs, more and more consumers are looking to buy American. has released its annual American Made Index, showcasing companies that use the most American-sourced parts and labor in their vehicles. The results may surprise analyzed more than 100 US-built vehicles for five key data points: manufacturing location, parts sourcing, US employment, engine sourcing and transmission sourcing. You might think something like the Ford F-150 would top the list, but it drops from its No. 5 spot for 2018 and out of the top 10 completely. Even the first-place holder, the Jeep Cherokee, is a pretty global product. It’s a Jeep, sure, but that brand is part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, an Italian-owned surveyed 1,000 people and found that half are concerned about automotive import tariffs, with 41% saying they are unsure if tariffs would make them more likely to buy American. Either way, we’re big fans of all the vehicles on this list. These days, buying American doesn’t necessarily mean sticking with a US-based automaker. Jeep CherokeeKeeping its top-of-the-list placement, the Jeep Cherokee is 2019’s most American-made car. Refreshed for 2019, the compact crossover now features more tech, better cargo space and a slightly tweaked look. It’s available in no fewer the nine trims, including the off-road specific Trailhawk and a fancy-pants Trailhawk Elite.For 2019, the Cherokee gets a new 2.0-liter, turbocharged, four-cylinder engine with 270 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque, though naturally aspirated I4 and V6 choices are also available. Regardless of engine, a nine-speed automatic transmission gets the power to the pavement — or dirt as the case may be. The Cherokee is made in Belvidere, Illinois. 18 Photos 2019 Acura MDX adds new features and an A-Spec model Honda PilotDropping down to seventh place for 2019 is the Honda Pilot. Like its two-row Passport sibling, the three-row Pilot offers parent-focused technology like Cabin Talk as well as myriad standard driver-assistance features through the Honda Sensing tech suite. Honda’s largest crossover offers up nearly 84 cubic feet of cargo space. Honda’s 3.5-liter V6 engine shows up again, making a serviceable 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque. Touring and Elite trims get a nine-speed automatic transmission while lower trims have to make do with a six-speed auto. The Honda Pilot is made in Lincoln, Alabama. 71 Photos 2020 BMW M340i review: A dash of M makes everything better 2019 Jeep Cherokee can handle the rough stuff 69 Photos Acura MDXMoving up one slot to sixth place on the American Made Index is the non-hybrid variant of the Acura MDX. With its SH-AWD system, the MDX is one of the better handling midsize luxury crossovers, and for 2019 the company gives us the A-Spec treatment with a new front fascia and side skirts, 20-inch wheels, wider exhaust tips, unique gauges, a new steering wheel, carbon fiber trim and various Alcantara interior touches.However, both the standard and A-Spec models get a 3.5-liter V6 engine, rated for 290 horsepower and 267 pound-feet of torque going through a nine-speed automatic transmission. The Acura MDX is made in East Liberty, Ohio.  More From Roadshow Honda RidgelineAgain keeping the status quo, the Honda Ridgeline maintains third place on the American Made Index. This crossover-that-looks-like-a-truck provides a better ride than a traditional pickup and gets an awesome lockable trunk right in the floor of the bed. And it doesn’t do the truck stuff too badly, either, as it’s able to carry 1,860 pounds of payload and tow 3,500 pounds.The Ridgeline is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 good for 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque. That is channeled through a six-speed automatic transmission with available all-wheel drive. It’s built in Lincoln, Alabama. 81 Photos 52 Photos Car Industry 2019 Honda Passport: A well-rounded midsize offering 2019 Honda Ridgeline: The commuter’s pickup truck Post a comment 2019 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport loves to hustle 26 Photos 2019 Honda Odyssey offers plenty of room and features for families Tagscenter_img 10 Photos Enlarge ImageWaze Carpool is a clever way to hopefully reduce congestion during rush hour. Making it easier to add riders should improve that. Waze Waze Carpool isn’t like your usual ride-sharing service. It’s not out to cut drivers a profit, but instead reduce vehicle clutter by helping strangers carpool along the same route. Now, Waze has added a feature that it says drivers have been asking for.Waze announced on Monday that it has added a new feature for the driver side of its Waze Carpool app. It’s now much easier to bring additional folks into a carpool. After confirming a ride, drivers can tap a new + icon that invites riders who bring minimal detours to the route. According to the image in Waze’s Medium post, the new function will let drivers see how much more money the trip brings in, in addition to how big of a detour is required. Drivers can fill up to four seats, although Waze was quick to point out that the prices do get adjusted “so they don’t exceed the total sum of wear and tear.” Drivers are still limited to two carpools per day, since this isn’t about quitting your job and running this scheme full-time.This is a stark contrast to how Uber and Lyft run pools. In those schemes, the driver is still acting as your usual ride-hailing driver, but instead they’re picking up multiple people who have destinations along similar routes. It saves the riders a little bit of money, even if it means taking slightly longer to reach a given destination. 2019 Honda Pilot Elite: A smoother, tech-rich crossover SUV 2019 Honda Ridgeline review: Light duty, heavy punch Acura RDXThe third-generation Acura RDX squeaks into the top ten list with larger proportions, plenty of interior space and better handling than its predecessor. Forward collision warning with collision mitigation braking, adaptive cruise control that works even in low-speed traffic, lane-keeping steering assist and road departure mitigation are all standard across the board. Like its MDX counterpart, the RDX is available with the A-Spec styling package.The RDX sports a 2.0-liter, turbocharged, four-cylinder engine. Output is stated at 273 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque, and it’s mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission. The new RDX is built in East Liberty, Ohio. 2019 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison: A tougher off-roader Honda PassportThe Honda Passport is a new (well, reborn) entry to both the Honda lineup and the American Made Index. This midsize crossover comes to the fray with great driving dynamics and plenty of tech like the standard Honda Sensing suite of active safety features. An available 8-inch touchscreen gets Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as a Wi-Fi hotspot.Under the hood is the stalwart 3.5-liter V6 producing 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque. However unlike the Ridgeline, the Passport sends that power through a nine-speed automatic transmission. Having said that, just like the Ridgeline, this is the only powertrain available. The Honda Passport is built in Lincoln, Alabama. 68 Photos 2019 GMC Canyon: A fancier Colorado 49 Photos 2019 GMC Sierra Denali review: So close to greatness 2019 Acura RDX A-Spec: Sharp handling, sharper looks Share your voice 12 Photos Share your voice Tags 2019 Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison: An off-road animal More From Roadshow General Motors Chevrolet Honda Jeep Acura 0 Comments GMC CanyonIf you’re looking for a slightly fancier version of the Colorado that’s more focused on luxe than dirt, check out the GMC Canyon. The top Denali trim gets standard heated and ventilated front seats as well as a heated steering wheel. Maximum payload capability is 1,665 pounds while max towing is a fairly healthy 7,600 pounds.The Canyon is available with the same 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, 3.6-liter V6 or 2.8-liter diesel as the Chevrolet Colorado. It’s also built in Wentzville, Missouri. Chevrolet ColoradoMaking its debut in the top 10 is the Chevrolet Colorado. Shown here in the tough ZR2 Bison off-road spec, the Chevy Colorado is an excellent truck and one of the two midsize pickups you can get with a diesel engine. Adding to the ZR2’s two-inch lift and front and rear locking differentials, the Bison gets beefier skid plates (trust me, that’s a good thing), steel bumpers and integrated recovery points. Heck, you can even get a snorkel.Base models get a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with a six-speed manual transmission, but a more popular choice is the 3.6-liter V6 gas engine with 308 horsepower and 275 pound-feet of torque, mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Meanwhile, the 2.8-liter diesel pumps out 186 horsepower and a delicious 369 pound-feet of twist and is mated to a six-speed automatic. The Chevy Colorado is built in Wentzville, Missouri. 2019 Subaru Ascent reviewlast_img read more

Review The Walking Dead Episode 1

first_imgEveryone’s favorite zombie apocalypse franchise has reached yet another milestone as TellTale Games has released the first installment of its serialized video game based on the wildly popular The Walking Dead. First released as a comic book, then adapted to television by cable network AMC, the dramatic storyline of the title makes for fine video game fodder as long as you enjoy deep story telling more than button mashing. Check out the trailer for the game posted above, then continue reading below for’s review.Unlike other horror survival games like Left 4 Dead and Resident Evil, The Walking Dead video game isn’t about blowing away anything that stand in your path. With its roots deep in the original comic book series, the popular franchise has always been about communicating the human experience during a post-apocalyptic world in which death is the consequence for a wrong decision. Deciding to take the rich storytelling that original author Robert Kirkman has focused on, TellTale games decided (wisely in my opinion) to create a “playable comic book,” meaning that the focus is on story with action placed in a timely faction to keep things interesting. Being released in 5 parts over as many months, the serialized approach to the game gives you both something to look forward to and cliffhangers that will leave you wanting more. That being said, if you’re looking for a button-mashing zombie action title and could care less about storyline, The Walking Dead may not be for you.I have always been intrigued by the idea of a playable comic. Many different titles have tried to create an interactive title that resembles the famous “choose your own adventure” Dungeons & Dragons books that TSR put out in the early 80’s, only to fail miserably in capturing the idea of allowing you to control your “destiny.” After spending some time with The Walking Dead, I can say that I have finally found a game studio that truly understands the serialized video game genre, and has succeeded in creating a novelized title for consumption. These facts coupled with the amount of effort that has been put into the visuals of the game make the $24.95 season pass worth every penny.The gameplay of The Walking Dead is focused around exploration and learning about your environment, including the different people you meet along the way. Rather than furiously having to manipulate the controls to survive, you will notice that there is a lot of dialogue that needs to be listened and reacted to, with your answers affecting how the game flows forward (it’s choose your own adventure!). While the dialogue tells the story of the game, the background music, dark visuals and skillfully placed battle sequences that are peppered into the experience build an enjoyable tension that leaves you wondering what’s going to jump out at you.Please excuse the following cliche, but it’s an immersive experience that leaves you suspicious of everyone and everything you come into contact with.While The Walking Dead is definitely story-driven, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t any excitement. On the contrary, the battle sequences that I played through in Episode 1 are harrowing as you have a limited amount of time to make a decision that could mean life or death for you and the members of your party. What keeps this mechanic fresh is that while your reaction is dependent on only a single button press, there isn’t a dedicated move or attack mapped to the controls. You literally have to assess each option quickly and then pick the one that you think will have the best outcome. Without revealing any spoilers, sometimes the available decisions don’t look appealing in the least, leaving you to choose the course of action that will benefit you the most. This makes the title startlingly realistic, as when the chips are down in a zombie apocalypse it’s going to be every person for themselves when it comes to survival.If you appreciate titles that take the time to tell a great story that’s combined with gameplay that will enhance your experience, then The Walking Dead is a game that you can be confident in purchasing. The refined comic book visuals along with a cunning layout of the title will keep you enthralled as you work your way through each episode. If your gaming style is to seek the thrill that comes from being the best at dispatching hordes of zombies with as little ammo as possible, I really can’t see you enjoying this game very much.The Walking Dead is available for digital download on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. A Season Pass that gets you all the episodes as they are released is available for $24.99. For console gamers the first episode costs 400 points on Xbox Live and $19.99 for all 5 episodes or $4.99 to buy them a la carte on the PS3.WalkingDead101 2012-05-04 13-01-06-29WalkingDead101 2012-05-04 13-01-06-29WalkingDead101 2012-05-04 13-00-26-42WalkingDead101 2012-05-04 13-00-25-74WalkingDead101 2012-05-04 12-52-57-56WalkingDead101 2012-05-04 12-42-26-29WalkingDead101 2012-05-04 12-40-55-47Walking dead titleWalking dead tensionWalking Dead battlelast_img read more

Kashmiri youths swindled on pretext of jobs at IndiGo Airlines miscreants held

first_imgWith the arrest of two persons, who set up a website and duped several Kashmiri youths on the pretext of jobs as crew members and ground staff in Indigo Airlines, the Delhi Police has stumbled upon an inter-state fake job module operating from Central Delhi, the police said on Thursday.The matter came into light when a 22-year-old man, along with 15 other youths, from the Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir approached the Jama Masjid police station on March 16. While, two of the identified accused – Irfan and Mohammed Shahid, have been arrested, two others – Amir Shora and Yawar Naik, still remain at large. “We suspect that the module had been working from a long time and have duped hundreds of youths. There could be more members in this module and investigations are underway,” said Paramaditya, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central). Also Read – Company director arrested for swindling Rs 345 croreAccording to the police, the accused set up a website named Peace Career Consultancy and Job Assistance and advertised themselves through On March 8, the 22-year-old complainant came across the advertisement and applied for the job, for which he first had to meet Yawar and deposit a registration fee of Rs 1,000 at the consultancy office in Anantnag. The next day, the complainant, along with around 50 others were interviewed by Amir Shora, who claimed to be a representative of Indigo Airlines. Soon, the complainant was informed that he has been selected as a ground staff, with a start-up salary of Rs 17,000. But he was also asked to leave for Delhi immediately for the final round of interaction and for collecting the appointment letter. Also Read – Man who cheated 20 women on matrimonial websites arrestedOn March 10, on his way to Delhi in a bus, the complainant met 15 others who were selected as ground staff in Indigo Airlines through the same consultant. They lodged themselves in the same hotel in old Delhi’s Jama Masjid area. Meanwhile, the interaction scheduled on March 12 went on getting postponed and on March 15, the applicants were asked to report at the Indigo Airlines headquarters in Gurgaon. When they went there, they were told that there was no interview. That is when they started suspecting the consultant. On March 16, the consultant sent two persons – claiming to be Head Representatives – to the old Delhi Hotel for the final interaction. The job-seekers then immediately asked them to show their identity cards. When they refused, they were asked several questions – like the address of their head office and so – which they apparently had no clues about. The duo then tried to run away when the youths got hold of them and handed them over to the police. They were identified as Irfan and Mohammed Shahid.They have been booked under charges of cheating and other relevant sections of IPC. A team shall soon be sent to Anantnag to nab the other accused, said a police official.last_img read more

Education among main thrust areas of Bengal Mamata

first_imgKolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee stated on National Education Day that education is one of the thrust areas of the state government.In a tweet on Sunday, the Chief Minister stated: “Today is #NationalEducationDay. Education is one of the thrust areas of our govt in #Bangla.” She further stated in this connection: “In the last seven years, we have set up 23 new universities, 65 new colleges and many more are in the pipeline. My best wishes to all.” Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeBanerjee also tweeted remembering Maulana Abul Kalam Azad on his birth anniversary. She stated in the tweet: “Remembering freedom fighter and well-known educationist Maulana Abul Kalam Azad on his birth anniversary. We have named the West Bengal University of Technology after him.” In the past seven years, the state government has taken a series of steps to improve the standard of education in the state. Starting from creating proper infrastructure across the state to bringing necessary changes in curriculum, several improvements have taken place in the past seven years. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedIt may be mentioned that 22 universities, including 10 private and 12 state-run, had come up in the state in the first six years of the Mamata Banerjee government and later, one more has come up taking the total number to 23. The Green University in Hooghly and the Biswa Bangla University in Bolpur are the two major projects taken up by the state government. Setting up of Sister Nivedita University at New Town and that too in the year when her 150th birth anniversary is being celebrated, is another major move of the Mamata Banerjee government. Setting up of the 23 universities is creating opportunities for more students to go for higher studies and it is of great help for the youths as they do not need to travel long distances to carry on with higher studies. Besides higher studies, steps were taken to create better infrastructure for school level education as well. Stress was given so that children do not need to go too far for school. Under the project Sabuj Sathi, the Mamata Banerjee government has also distributed bicycles among students of classes IX, X, XI and XII. Most importantly, introduction of the Kanyashree Prakalpa has helped in bringing down the dropout rate in schools. The state government has also bagged the United Nations Public Service Award for Asia Pacific in Netherlands in 2017 for the project, thanks to which more than 50 lakh girls were benefitted.last_img read more

August 4 2007 To continue our report from 81

first_imgAugust 4, 2007 To continue our report from 8/1/07, three individual frames have been painted and prepared to be installed in one of the door panels on the east balcony of the Crafts III building at Cafe level. [Photo & text: sa] This photo taken from the inner balcony at the top level of the Crafts III building, the Visitors Center – Gallery, gives some indication of scale of the three-level interior space and of the scale of the door panels. The panels have been installed and welding crew Philip Bonham and Darina Trendafilova fine tune placement and clip in the fly-screens. [Photo & text: sa] In past years, during the summer month, both door panels on the east and south balcony were kept open to allow a natural breeze to flow through the cafe space. Recent feedback from the health department frowned on this easy access for the fly population. To screen these giant doors presented quite a challenge and it was elegantly solved. [Photo & text: sa]last_img read more

Over half of Supreme Court judges could be excluded from state appeal

first_imgOver half the judges sitting on the full bench of the supreme court be excluded from hearing the state’s appeal against an earlier court ruling concerning public sector wages, as they are said to have either a conflict of interest or a direct stake in the matter.The recusal of the judges was raised on Monday by attorney-general Costas Clerides, who is leading the state’s appeal against a recent ruling by the administrative court that reversed pay and pension cuts imposed on civil servants in 2012.The state immediately appealed the judgment which, if upheld, could cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of euro in compensation to the affected civil servants.The appeal is being heard before the full bench of the supreme court, comprising 13 judges.Addressing the same court, Clerides said that six of the judges have appealed personally against the pay cuts, while others are married to civil servants who stand to gain from the outcome of the proceedings.Clerides noted that confidence in the integrity and impartiality of judges is paramount. He argued that the stake a judge has in a certain case is not neutralised by the fact that he or she is part of a broader group – the full bench.One of the judges on the bench remarked that Cyprus is a small place and it is not unusual for people to have links to one another.Responding, Clerides said that, though this may well be the case, it should not be used as a pretext to ‘water down’ a court’s impartiality.The presiding judge then put it to Clerides that no one would be left on the bench should his motion be granted.The court reserved judgment on the issue to a later date.In March 29 decisions the administrative court ruled that a freeze on incremental pay rises, a 3 per cent contribution to pensions, and a reduction in civil servants’ pay were in violation of article 23 of the constitution regarding the protection of the right to property.The judgment applied to civil servants as well as persons employed in the broader public sector, such as semi-governmental organisations.As such the pay reductions were deemed null and void and the applicants entitled to compensation, effective immediately.Various estimates have been floated on how much the decisions might cost the state should the administrative court’s ruling be upheld and the affected civil servants compensated.The most conservative scenario sees a few million euros as immediate backpay, compensating only those civil servants who sued, plus €200m annually from restoring full salaries to all civil servants.You May LikeSUVs | Search AdsThese SUVs Will Take Your Breath Away. Research 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsSUVs | Search AdsUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

because of the cord

because of the cordial relationship between the NBA and the police. however," said the England midfielder in response to criticisms of his purchase of a fancy house for his mum.

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said she has a “love-hate relationship” with running, ” Harris said."Any potential inconsistency or impairment of the right to a public trial was mitigated by the presence of press and public during jury selection, Louisiana and Mississippi. while modest in scope, an apparent snippet of that song hit the Internet on Wednesday. Before that. read more

Rolla five terroris

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